Powell Slough

Powell Slough    by KC Childs    ęKC Childs

Directions:  There are three major access points:
(1) At the west-most end of University Parkway, Business Park Dr. goes west from the intersection with Geneva Road (1200 South, Orem). As you drive west through business park there is a DWR sign on the left (Powell's Slough Waterfowl Management Area) and small dirt road that goes to a small parking lot at the beginning of a tail that accesses the south part of the slough. 
(2) If you continue west past the DWR sign (above)  to the turn-around at the end of the road, (N 40║ 16.470' W║ 111 44.343'), there is a gate and a path going west providing foot access to the west part of the slough.
(3) There is also a large pond (Clegg's Pond) connected to the slough in the north part of the slough.  This is located west of the treatment plant and surrounded by Sleepy Ridge Gold Course. You can get to a viewing area on the north side of the pond by taking 1000 South going west from Geneva Road (it becomes Sleepy Ridge Dr. as it turns north).  After the road turns north, take the first left onto Springwater Dr. and go through the gate (that has always been open) and then after a few houses turn left onto a dirt road that goes to a clear area by the pond.

Description:  Powell Slough is a large marshy area near the Orem Water Treatment Plant, with a number of waterways winding through the reeds providing habitat for American Coots and other waterfowl. ~ Robin Tuck

Rare Birds:  Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-necked Grebe, Common Moorhen,

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