Maple Canyon / Whiting Campground


Maple Canyon    by Oliver Hansen    ŠOliver Hansen (2011)

Directions:  Drive east on 400 N. in Mapleton. At the mouth of the canyon this road will turn slightly to the south and become Maple Canyon Road. This road continues for about 1.6 miles and ends at the back of the Whitings Campground at a small trailhead parking lot. A very easy to moderate hiking trail heads North and East from this trailhead parking lot.

Hiking ˝ mile from the trailhead there will be a junction. At this point you can continue straight for an easy hike up Maple Canyon for 4+ more miles or head south crossing a log bridge for a strenuous climb up the back side of Spanish Fork Peak (Maple Mountain).

Access: There is a gate at the entrance to the canyon. This is sometimes closed if there is too much snow on the road.

Birds: This winter (Dec. 2011) I found a N. Pygmy owl in this canyon. Golden eagles often cruise this area. I would imagine tons of riparian species would be found throughout the summer months here as there is a pretty decent size mountain stream lined with maple/cottonwoods that runs throughout the entire canyon.

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