Manning Canyon

Pinyon Pines and Junitpers of Manning Canyon     by Staff Photographer  ©

Directions: Go west from Fairfield on UT 73 about 1 1/4 miles (mile post 19.1).  Turn right on the dirt road and go about a mile to the bulletin board for Fivemile Pass Recreation Area.  About 2.8 miles further up, keep left for about 1/10 of a mile to where two roads go off to the right.  Take the second one and you'll see a second bulletin board.  From here you can go up the main Manning Canyon Road about 1 1/3 miles to the large meadow area in the middle of the canyon.

Description:  After the first bulletin board, sage brush begins to appear along the road then junipers and pinyons  become more prevalent as you go up the road.  There are lots of side roads and places to turn off  as you go up the canyon.

Nearby Stops:  There are two towns in the area that provide some good habitat for birds.
If you take the road to Camp Floyd in Fairfield and go south, there's lots of good habitat for birds right along the road.  You can turn east on 17900 West and make a loop around the city to see what you can find in the island of trees and bushes of this small town.  
     Cedar Fort.  If you turn north off of  UT 73 in Cedar Fort and go a couple of blocks to 100 West and turn right, it will lead to the Rodeo Grounds and a parking lot.  This area gives good access to the Junipers (cedars) along the hill side with all the birds that usually frequent that habitat.  (This area is especially good for Pinyon Jays and Juniper Titmice).

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Camp Floyd in Fairfield    by Staff Photographer  ©

From the Rodeo Grounds Parking Lot in Cove Fort Looking toward Mt. Timpanogos 
by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody


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