Lower Hobble Creek WMA


New Wildlife Management Area  by staff photographer  ŠUtah Birds (2010)

Directions:  Go west on Exit 261 (Springville exit).  Turn left (main road) to go on the frontage road. Continue about a quarter of a mile to a small parking lot along the road with a large sign for the management area.

Description:  This is a newly developed area where Hobble Creek empties into Utah Lake, which, at present, has closed gates (and signs that people are climbing the fence).  You can check the creek on the north where it goes under the road and also the fields to the south which are usually fairly undisturbed.

Birds:  Little Blue Heron (see once in May 1999), Spotted Sandpiper, swallows

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Nearby:  Provo Bay, Camelot Woods


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