Lindon Marina / Lindon Beach / Geneva Settling Ponds

Settling Ponds to the South  by Eric Huish    ŠEric Huish

Description: There is a new paved walking trail along the shore of Utah Lake. It starts north of the Lindon Marina and follows the lake shore about 1 1/2 miles south. Just south of the marina along this trail there is an old Geneva Steel Plant settling pond and south of the pond is Lindon Beach. There is parking access for the trail at the entrance to the marina, a parking area on the East side of the road near south end of the settling ponds (at Lindon Beach) and a little parking at the south end of the trail (where the trail meets the road). There is an entrance fee if you wish to enter the marina. No fee to walk the parkway.


 (From the North) - Take I-15 exit 273 drive West then turn right at Geneva Rd. (first light). Turn left at the next light (200 S Lindon/2000 N Orem). Drive west until you come to the T in the road (the gate into the garbage dump will be in front of you) Turn Left. Follow this road, the road will curve to the right, go over the railroad track then curve left again right in front of the entrance to the Lindon Marina.
(From the South) - Take I-15 exit 269 (University Parkway) drive West then turn right at Geneva Rd. (first light). Drive North about a mile and turn left at the light (400 S). Turn right at the next road (0.1 mile). Follow this road until you see Utah Lake and the paved trail on your left (about 2 miles).

Specialty Birds:
Osprey, Cinnamon Teal, Great Blue Heron, Caspian Tern, Eastern Kingbird, Common Yellowthroat, Bullock's Oriole and Lots and Lots of Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

Rare Birds:
Field Sparrow - state first (Jan 1999), Common Tern, Great Egret, Solitary Sandpiper, Horned Grebe.

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Trail Going North  by Eric Huish    ŠEric Huish

Lindon Marina  by Staff Photographer    Š


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