Jordan River Airfield (R/C Modelport)

Jordan River Begins       by Staff Photographer  Š June 2009

Directions: Take Lehi Main Street (I-15 exit #279) west 2.7 miles to 2300 W.  Take 2300 West, South 2.3 miles.  The Parking area is on the right side of the road.  (You can also go east from the parking lot and turn on the first small road that goes north to a "Public Works" building.  The fields to the west of this road can be good especially in the spring).

Birding: The main trail goes along the Jordan River, but there are side trails that you can take that can be productive.  Make sure to check the field and foliage away from the river as well.  In the spring there may be some wet fields just north and east of the parking lot (see directions above), that may have some good birds.

Birds: Varied Thrush (winter -- usually about 1/2 mile down the trail by the hidden pump house)

Nearby:  Jordan River Sprotsman Access uses the same parking lot plus two others associated with Inlet Park.  You go across the road and along the trails near the the lake.  Willow Park and Allred's Pond are a couple of miles to the north and the Saratoga Springs park is a few miles south.

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