Hobble Creek Parkway

Hobble Creek Parkway in November  
by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org  (July 2007) - 6 Nov 2005

Directions:  Take the southernmost Springville Exit of I-15 (#260) (3900 South Utah County / 400 South Springville) and go to 1300 East (and 400 South) in Springville and turn right on Canyon Dr.  Go about 2 miles (the road will be going south and then curve eastward) to the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon and a catch-basin dam.  Go one mile past the dam and turn right at the  "Hobble Creek Parkway" road sign.  The parking lot is several hundred feet down the road.

Birding: You can bird along the  paved trail in either direction and find birds in the riparian habitat along Hobble Creek.  There's a good dirt path that takes off in an upstream direction as you cross the bridge going south.  Especially check the few juniper trees for kinglets, creepers and chickadees.

Specialty Birds: (Fall) Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creeper, Downy Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, Northern Flicker

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