Goshen Canyon

Utah County Birders in Goshen Canyon     by Eric Huish  İEric Huish

From the North:
  Go south on Center Street in Goshen (this becomes Goshen Canyon Road).  The mouth of the Canyon is about 3 miles south of town.
From the South: 
Go west from the main intersection in Mona.  The road skirts the south end of Mona Reservoir and then turns north and continues west of the reservoir. The mouth of the canyon is about 6 miles from Mona.

Specialty Birds: Yellow-breasted Chat, Blue Grosbeak, Canyon Wren, Common Nighthawk, White-throated Swift  (Great Horned Owls sometimes nest in a small cave near the Triangle Ranch Road just west of the mouth of the canyon).

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Nearby:  Goshen Bay RoadMona Reservoir, Green's Pond, At the northern mouth of Goshen Canyon, the Triangle Ranch Road goes west and leads to a good area for raptors.  Keep south on the paved roads following the Goshen Slant Road to either the 12800 West road or the Tunnel Road where you can turn right (north) and go back to Highway 6 near Elberta.

Goshen Canyon Field Trip   by Milt Moody   İMilton G. Moody (2003)

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