Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden    by Carol Gwynn    İCarol Gwynn

~  submitted by Carol Gwynn

Directions:  Take Wakara Way (about 650 south) east off of Foothill Blvd. (an extension of 500 South that curves southeast) to Red Butte Gardens.

Description:  There is an admission fee to the gardens, if you are not a U. of U. student/staff member. There is a series of trails east of the developed garden area that takes you up along the hillside.

Birds: Flycatchers, warblers, hummingbirds, including Calliope, Downy Woodpeckers.

    eBird Data:  | Red Butte Arboretum | Red Butte Canyon |

Red Butte Garden Entrance    by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody

Red Butte Garden of the University of Utah    by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody