Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve

Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve    by Ann Neville    ŠAnn Neville

Location: Along I-80 north frontage road from 7200 West to where the freeway curves to the south (~8800 West). This is another Kennecott preserve, and is inaccessible except during the GSL Bird Festival and by special appointment. . Ann Neville will be taking a group or two in May. Many birds can be seen from the frontage road.

Birds: Snowy plovers, puddle ducks, herons, egrets, avocets, black-neck stilt, willet, migratory shorebirds, sage thrasher, gulls, Loggerhead Shrike, harrier, burrowing and short-eared owls, occasional Prairie Falcon, and occasional Northern Mockingbird. 

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