Kanab Water Treatment Ponds


Water Treatment Ponds    by Carol Nelson   ©Carol Jean Nelson

Submitted by Carol Nelson

Directions:  Follow Highway 89 to Kanab City's 300 south intersection.  (Turning east this intersection leads to Lake Powell.) You will do the opposite and turn west at the intersection.  Follow 300 south to its end.  It will drop down through a wash and come up again.  On the other side of the wash 300 south turns into S. Powell Street.  Follow Powell through at least 3 stop signs and continue to its end.  The ponds are at the end of S.

Description: Kanab water treatment ponds are located south west of Kanab City.  Two large ponds attract many species of waterfowl and remain unfrozen when the ponds at Alton are still under ice.

Good Birds: Among the Shovelers, Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ring-necks, Ruddys, etc. there was also a Greater White Fronted Goose and a Snow Goose, a pleasant surprise for my first trip to the ponds. 

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Water Treatment Ponds    by Carol Nelson   ©Carol Jean Nelson