Spirit Lake Area


Spirit Lake    by Eric Huish    ŠEric Huish  (Aug 2007)

Submitted by  Eric Huish

Description: A well maintained dirt road that climes into the Uinta Mountains, past Sheep Creek, Browne and Long Park Reservoirs, ending at Spirit Lake.

Directions: Turn off UT 44 onto the Sheep Creek Geological Loop (15? miles from US 191 or 12? miles from the town Manila). Go 3? miles and turn South onto a dirt road and head West (there will be signs). After about 11 miles turn left to Spirit Lake 6? miles further.

Birds: Grey Jay, Clark's Nutcracker and other High Elevation Birds.

Other: Stop and bird along the road to Spirit Lake. There are turnoffs to Sheep Creek, Browne and Long Park Reservoirs. Most of the road is in Ponderosa. Spirit Lake is the best spot to bird. At 10,166 feet elevation the lake is very high and surrounded by Douglas and White Fir. The very end of the road (Spirit Lake Lodge) is in Summit County. From Spirit Lake there is a trail to Lily Pad, Jessen and Tamarack Lakes (Summit Co.) or a trail to Daggett Lake (Daggett Co.). The trails are nice places to bird even if you don't hike all the way to the lakes.

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