Sheep Creek Loop

Sheep Creek Canyon    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

Directions: This is a 14 mile loop that begins 7 miles south of Manila on US 44.  The loop starts west and loops to return to US 44 further south.

Description:  Rising from 6,300 to 7,800 feet in elevation, this excellent birding area is part of the Ashley National Forest and offers good riparian habitat, with aspen and conifer trees in steep-sloped canyons.  This loop is closed during the winter.

Specialty Birds: Dusky Grouse, Cooper's Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Lewis's Woodpecker, American Dipper, and Black-headed Grosbeak
     Riparian Species: Dusky Flycatcher, Swainson's Thrush, Gray Catbird, Orange-crowned Warbler and Yellow-breasted Chat
     Shrub species:  Sage Thrasher, Green-tailed Towhee, Brewer's Sparrow, Lark Sparrow, and Lazuli Bunting
     High-elevation species: Williamson's Sapsucker, Hairy Woodpecker, Gray Flycatcher, Steller's Jay, Juniper Titmouse, Western Tanager

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