Spring Canyon Trail

Spring Canyon  by Eric Huish     ŠEric Huish

Description: The very nice, paved Spring Canyon Trail follows the abandoned railroad line that served the coal camps of Peerless, Spring Canyon, Standardville, Latuda, Rains and Mutual. The canyon has a small stream lined with shrubs and a Pinyon/Juniper woodland against boulder strewn redrock canyon walls.

Directions: In Helper, Utah. Turn South off U.S. Route 6 onto Bryner Street or turn West off 6 onto N Main then turn left onto Bryner. Turn Right off Bryner onto Spring Canyon Street. Follow Spring Canyon Street up the canyon.

Birds: Ash-throated Flycatcher, Rock Wren, Canyon Wren, Bushtit.

Other: The parkway trail can be accessed at several different points in the canyon. Park in one of the parking areas and walk along the trail.

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