Price Canyon Recreation Site

 Camp Site  by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody

Directions:  About 13.7 miles SE of Soldier Summit on US 6, is a turnoff on the southwest side of the road to a paved one-lane road that leads to the camping and picnic areas about 3 miles up the mountain.

Description: This area has an unusually diverse number of plant species which attracts a good variety of birds.  There are Ponderosa Pine trees, juniper, maple, Box Elder, large Mountain Mahogany, and a few aspens here and there   The day-use area has a pretty  dense stand of Ponderosa Pine trees, while the over-night area is more open and has more juniper and mahogany trees and the over-look area has predominately mahogany and an open view to the mountain side.

Birding: It's good to be ready to stop along the road going up the mountain to bird the diverse foliage on the steep slopes.  You might look for Grace's Warblers in the Ponderosa Pines of the day-use area as well as Plumbeous Vireos and Hermit Thrushes.  The over-night area is more open and shrubby and may have a few different species like Green-tailed Towhee and Cassin's Finch.  In the overlook area, you might see Black-throated Gray Warblers, swallows, raptors.

Specialty Birds:  Grace's Warbler, Black-throated Gray and Virginia's Warbler, Clark's Nutcracker, Steller's Jays, nuthatches, chickadees, Hermit Thrush, Western Tanager, flycatchers, Plumbeous Vireos, Green-tailed Towhee, Cassin's Finch.

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 Along the Narrow Road  by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody

 Over-look  by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody

 Picnic Area  by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody