Gordon Creek

Gordon Creek    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody   (May 2007)

(Submitted by Eric Huish)

Directions: From Hwy 6 turn West on Consumers Road about 2 miles South of Helper or almost 5 miles North of Price (N 39̊ 39.130' W 110̊ 51.630'). Gordon Creek State Wildlife Management Area is about 7 miles up Consumers Road.

Description: A graded dirt road leads you through Pinyon-Juniper habitat then along a riparian corridor that follows the North Fork of Gordon Creek and then up into firs and aspens in the mountains.

Birding: The first part of this road is wide with plenty of room to stop and look for birds (but the shoulder is soft in spots). Most of the good habitat starts about 6 miles up the road where you can find gorges filled with Pinyon and Cottonwood, small marshy areas along the creek and a small spring (Oak Spring 7.5 miles) with brush growing around it. About 9 miles up take a left turn on the road that turns off down into the canyon and park by the bridge over the river. This spot has beautiful riparian habitat that is filled with birds during the breeding season. [As you continue along the main road there are several treed areas near the river that can make good birding stops].  In the summertime you can continue up over the mountains where the road will eventually come out at hwy 96, South of Scofield Reservoir. You may want a high-clearance vehicle and a map at the higher elevations.

Birds: Look for Vesper and Lark Sparrows on the first section of road. At Gordon Creek WMA look for Mt Bluebirds, Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles (winter). You can find species like Cordilleran Flycatcher, BC Hummingbird, Yellow Warbler, Song Sparrow, Lazuli Bunting and Black-headed Grosbeak in the riparian woodland and in the higher elevations along this road Iíve seen Hairy Woodpecker, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Stellerís Jay, Mt Chickadee, RB Nuthatch, Br Creeper, RC Kinglet, Mt Bluebird, Townsendís Solitaire, Hermit Thrush and Western Tanager.

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Oak Spring    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody   (May 2007)

Across from Oak Spring    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody   (May 2007)

Bridge Over Gordon Creek    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody   (May 2007)

Nearing the Mountains    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody   (May 2007)