Sue's Ponds, Logan Mitigation Ponds, Logan River Wetlands

Sue's Ponds   by Mike Fish   ©Mike Fish (2010)

(Information from Jason Pietrzak)

Directions:  Go West out of Logan on 200 N. About two miles down the road take a left on 1900 W. Parking is on the right next to entry gate. If gate is unlocked, feel free to unfasten chain and enter.

Description and Birds: The habitat is a flat wetland which attracts gulls, shorebirds, and some ducks. Grassy areas within and surrounding the wetlands provide habitat for blackbirds and cranes.
"... there is a gate that has a chain without a lock. Anyone is welcome to enter thru the gate and bird from inside which is much better than looking thru the fence on the road, safer too. Many birds will be inside not seen from the road. The ease of birding like a window mounted scope is great. The ponds have turned up Dunlin, Stint, Whimbrel, all the peeps, plovers and most water fowl. The birds are much closer than most locations such as AIC where they can be confused in the distance. The Playa is actually a habitat created by Bridgerland Audubon and Logan City. It got graded out, we bought a pump, obtained water rights thru Logan City and we fill the Playa (Sue's Pond) during fall and spring migration. This Pond can not be seen from the road. We anticipate working on additional improvements such as inside parking, blinds (a little shade with a bench is always nice), birding information and whatever else can be accomplished. This area is so much more convenient than Amalga Barrens. Sue has moved to Arizona, and turned care keeping over to me."   ~ Bob Atwood

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Names: Sue's Ponds/Sue's Pond are a funny place name-wise. Everybody is calling it Sue's Pond because Sue Drown worked so hard on getting it set up, but the large sign with the official name says Logan River Wetlands. The Ponds area is directly west of the Landfill and includes 3 areas: the 2 ponds near the road, the area known as the Shorebird Playa further in, and the the West Wetland which is even further in. Most birders park on the side of the road and bird the ponds nearest to the road.

Called "Logan Mitigation Ponds" because it is "mitigation for wetlands filled in when businesses were set up along 1000 West in Logan."   ~ Lyle Bingham

Logan River Wetlands   by Jason Pietrzak   ©Jason Pietrzak (2008)


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