Hyrum State Park / Hyrum Reservoir

Hyrum Dam Marsh in Winter   by Connie McManus   İConnie McManus (2007)

Directions:  From US 89/91 turn east on UT 101 going toward Hyrum.  Go about 3 miles to Hyrum and approach the park  from 400 West street.  There is a parking area near the dam (take the left fork) and one near the park headquarters (take the right fork).

Description: (Roadside viewing, recommended for spring and summer, 15.0 miles from downtown Logan.)

Birds:  (Winter) Common Loon, Pacific Loon, Caspian tern; (Summer) Western Grebe, Bank Swallow 

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Spring at Hyrum Reservoir   by Milt Moody   İMilton G. Moody


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