Mantua Reservoir

Mantua Reservoir and Town   (12 Jun 2004) by Milt Moody   İMilton G. Moody

(Submitted by Kristin Purdy)

Description: Mantua Reservoir is a small man-made body of water east of the town of Mantua. It's bordered on the west and south sides by a dike that allows easy access and good viewing. Vehicles are not permitted to park on the dike, but adequate parking areas are adjacent to the dike.

Directions: Mantua is located on Route 89/91 east of Brigham City (Exit 362 from I-15). The reservoir is easily visible from the highway as 89/91 runs adjacent to the town of Mantua. Once you can see the reservoir, take any Mantua exit and drive east until you reach access roads to the dike.

Specialty Birds: Western, Clark's, Pied-billed, and Eared Grebe; American White Pelican; Forster's and Caspian Tern, Bald Eagle (winter only).

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Mantua Reservoir, Late Summer   (20 Aug 2010) by Mike Fish   İMike Fish



        Mantua Reservoir Shoreline by Milt Moody   İMilton G. Moody