Rare Birds Seen in Grand County

Sightings Accepted by the Utah Bird Records Committee
(includes records through 2009)

Black-legged Kittiwake
  • 26 Nov 1987 - Moab, Grand Co., by Coen Dexter, Brenda Wright (immature) [first live record] | UOS report |

Eastern Phoebe

  • 30 Oct 1990 - Colorado River floodplain near Moab, Grand Co., Nelson Boschen (one adult) | UOS report |

Eastern Bluebird

  • 16-23 Dec 1989 - Moab Slough, Grand Co., by Nelson Boschen, Ella Sorensen, Richard Sorensen, Craig Kneedy, Terry Sadler (one-two males, darker eastern race - found on CBC)  | UOS report |

Wood Thrush

  • 23 Jun 1991 - residential area of Arches NP, Grand Co., by Vicki Black Webster (breeding adult male) [UFO]

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