Chasing the Birds

Hotline Reports
Published every week or two to report significant and interesting birds sighted statewide.
You will probably also want to post those sightings to the Birdnet mailing list. Learn how to subscribe and post to the list, and how to unsubscribe and report problems.
Birds of Utah
List of Utah birds arranged by common name, and including abundance/status, range maps, photo and other links.
Birding by County
Information about birding in each of Utah's 29 counties. Includes a map of each county, county organizations, birding tours, sights and sites, and recent bird sightings.
Birding Statewide
General information about national parks, monuments, and recreation areas, national lands and state parks .
Places to Bird
Index of popular birding sites in Utah, with links to directions on how to get to these sites.
Sightings of Utah Rarities
Sightings from reliable sources for the rare species of Utah

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