Thanksgiving Bird Count Form

Thanksgiving (window watch) Bird Count.

Counter's name and mailing address:
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   Location of Count ____________________________
   Date: ______________, Temp. __________
   Time:  Begin _________, End ___________
Weather ____________________________________ 
Habitat type _________________________________
Feeders / baths (Types) ________________________
Feeders / baths (Number) _______________________ 

Procedures for Count: Select a circular area on the ground (may include water area), 15 feet in diameter, to include feeders, bird baths, shrubs, etc., as you wish. Imagine the circle extending upward as a cylinder. Count the numbers of individual birds of each species which come into this circle (or cylinder) during exactly ONE HOUR. Try to judge as best you can the actual number of individuals which are making visits to the Circle, or which fly through the imaginary cylinder. Try NOT to count the same individual bird over and over again. Please print clearly the number for each species in the In Circle column. If you wish to report any, seen outside the Circle, list them in the "Outside" column.
   Pick any ONE-HOUR period during the day --and make the count on Thanksgiving Day! Please send your count results (even if you see no birds at all) to:

     Dr. John G. Hewston
     Natural Resources Building
     Humboldt State University
     Arcata, CA 95521


Record your observations on the field form below.
Species Seen

In Circle


California Quail


Rock Dove (Domestic Pigeon)    
Mourning Dove    
Anna's Hummingbird    
Northern Flicker    
Woodpecker, (list)    
Steller's Jay    
Blue Jay    
Scrub Jay    
Black-billed Magpie    
Common Raven    
American Crow    
Chestnut-backed Chickadee    
Black-capped Chickadee    
Mountain Chickadee    
Red-breasted Nuthatch    
White-breasted Nuthatch    
Northern Mockingbird    
American Robin    
Golden-crowned Kinglet    
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    
Cedar Waxwing    
European Starling    
Yellow-rumped Warbler    
Spotted (Rufous-S) Towhee    
White-crowned Sparrow    
Golden-crowned Sparrow                
Fox Sparrow    
Song Sparrow    
Dark-eyed Junco    
Red-winged Blackbird    
Purple Finch    
House Finch    
Lesser Goldfinch    
American Goldfinch    
Pine Siskin    
Evening Grosbeak    
House Sparrow    
  Other species: