Dinosaur-Jensen Christmas Bird Count
reported by Kathy Paulin

(1 Jan 2005)
I added the other team's count to Myke's data - here are the overall
totals for the Dinosaur-Jensen CBC:


Canada goose		631
Mallard			38
Common merganser	8
Common goldeneye	2
Bald eagle		27
Northern harrier	2
Rough-legged hawk	2
Golden eagle		4
American kestrel	7
Merlin			1
Ring-necked pheasant	8
Sandhill crane		1200
Rock dove		46
Eurasian collared-dove	1
Northern flicker	23
Horned lark		1
Western scrub-jay	2
Black-billed magpie	36
Common raven		16
Black-capped chickadee	1
Townsend's solitaire	2
American robin		14
Mountain bluebird	38
European starling	496
Cedar waxwing		2
Song sparrow		18
White-crowned sparrow	8
Dark-eyed junco		30
Red-winged black bird	150
Western meadowlark	37
Brewer's blackbird	40
House finch		58
Pine siskin		53
American goldfinch	31
House sparrow		248

Total species: 35
Total individuals: 3281

I second what Myke said - this was a thoroughly enjoyable CBC. Good
weather, good company, and wonderful lunch at the Johnson's while we
watched their busy feeders. Thanks to everyone who participated!



Evanston Christmas Bird Count Report
by Tim Gorman

On December 18, 2004 12 people in 6 vehicles, and 1 person at a feeder participated in the Evanston Wyoming/Utah Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

Three new species to the Evanston Count were encountered; Loggerhead Shrike, Spotted Towhee, and Great-tailed Grackle.

Other highlights include a nice flock of Black Rosy-Finch, some Cedar Waxwings and 6 Prairie Falcons.

Noticeably absent were teal, kingfisher, juncos, and longspurs. "Snowbird" numbers are down.

Sage-Grouse numbers are normal but the birds were tough to locate because they're scattered or have migrated just outside the circle.


Count tally is as follows:

Canada Goose                           26

Canada Goose (small form)     cw

Mallard                                       63

Ring-necked Duck                      3

Common Goldeneye                 36

Barrow’s Goldeneye                   3

Common Merganser                   2

Greater Sage-Grouse               183

Bald Eagle                                   28   

    (Adult 21, immature 7)

Northern Harrier                           6

Sharp-shinned Hawk                   1

Cooper’s Hawk                            1

Red-tailed Hawk                          2

Ferruginous Hawk                       1

Rough-legged Hawk                  13      

Golden Eagle                               17     

    (Adult 12, immature 5)           

Prairie Falcon                                6

Wilson’s Snipe                             1

Rock Pigeon                                30

Great Horned Owl                        2

Short-eared Owl                           1

Downy Woodpecker                   2

Hairy Woodpecker                       1

Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker  4

Loggerhead Shrike                       1

Northern Shrike                            5

Black-billed Magpie                 240

Common Raven                           21

Black-capped Chickadee           37

Mountain Chickadee                   6

Townsend’s Solitaire                29

American Robin                           3

European Starling                    425

Bohemian Waxwing                  35

Cedar Waxwing                       130

Spotted Towhee                          1

American Tree Sparrow            21           

Song Sparrow                              2

Red-winged Blackbird                9

Brewer’s Blackbird                      2

Great-tailed Grackle                     1

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch       44

Black Rosy-Finch                      34

House Finch                               67

Cassin’s Finch                             4

House Sparrow                          98


46 Total Species

1,703 Individuals



Ouray NWR / Green River Christmas Bird Count
reported by Diane Penttila

Here is the overall totals for the Ouray NWR/Green River CBC....
Thanks to Kathy and Denise for participating.

great blue heron 1
Canada goose 350
Mallard 1800
Green-winged teal 50
Northern pintail 100
Common merganser 52
bald eagle 13
northern harrier 6
red-tailed hawk 6
rough-legged hawk 2
American kestrel 3
prairie falcon 1
ring-necked pheasant 1
great horned owl 1
downy woodpecker 1
northern flicker 15
Say's phoebe 1
horned lark 117
black-billed magpie 49
common raven 1
black-capped chickadee 15
mountain chickadee 1
bushtit 5
marsh wren 15
mountain bluebird 1
Townsend's solitaire 2
American robin 14
northern shrike 4
European starling 92
spotted towhee 1
American tree sparrow 5
song sparrow 13
dark-eyed junco 6
American goldfinch 60
house finch 10
red-winged blackbird 458
western meadowlark 34

Total # of species : 37
Total # of individuals: 3308


Provo Christmas Bird Count
reported by Merrill Webb

2004 Provo Christmas Bird Count Results Compiled by Merrill Webb

Ninety-five species were seen by 41 field observers, two owling parties and four feeder watchers on the Provo CBC, December 18, 2004. This compares with 93 species on last year's Provo count. Official temperatures for the day were 38 for a high and 21 for a low. For the first time no new species were observed on our count although Sandhill Crane, American Avocet, and Wild Turkey with high numbers of 82, 156 and 14 respectively, made their second appearance in 33 years.

Utah Lake had frozen solid eight to nine days before the count date, but then when the temperatures warmed up to above freezing a couple of days prior to the 18th the ice broke up, open water occurred far out on the lake and waterfowl was numerous, scattered and difficult to I.D. Even so, observers were able to count 1696 Canada Geese, 3731 Mallards, 1909 Pintails, and 561 Green-winged Teal plus approximately 5,000 ducks that were too far out to correctly identify. Altogether there were 13 species of waterfowl accounted for, most of them dabbling ducks. The diving duck species and numbers were way down due mostly to the inactivity of Geneva Steel and the resultant drying up of deep cooling ponds west of the plant.

As usual Starlings dominated the count with observers estimating their number at 9462. Rock Pigeons were higher than usual with an estimated 1131 followed by Ring-billed Gulls with 879 plus another estimated 200 gulls that were too far out on the ice to correctly differentiate into species.

There were 10 species of diurnal raptors counted with the American Kestrel topping out at 70, Red-tailed Hawk with 43, Northern Harrier, 41 and Bald Eagle, 38. Corvid species were well represented on the count with the American Crow at 841, Black-billed Magpie 520, and Western Scrub Jay at 113. Even Steller' s Jay numbers were higher than usual at 76.

Other species that may be of interest to the reader were: Wood Duck (6), Chukar (7), Greater yellowlegs (10), No. Saw-whet Owl (1), Eurasian Collared-Dove (28), Yellow-headed Blackbird (4), Brown-headed Cowbird (11), Red Crossbill (16) and Evening Grosbeak (3).

It was a fairly pleasant day to be out without any rain, snow or wind to dampen the enthusiasm of the observers. Many thanks to those who assisted.

Please mark Saturday, December 17 on your calendars for this year' s Provo CBC.

Tooele Christmas Bird Count
reported by KC Childs

(31 Dec 2004)
 Yesterday December 31st four of us conducted the Tooele Christmas Bird Count up from three last year. Sure would love to have a lot of help next year. So mark your calenders now!!! The wind was the story of this years Christmas Bird Count. We had steady winds all day long, they never ended. With gusts up to 65 mph. ( according to KSL ) With the strong winds it kept the birds at bay and were nearly impossible to scare up. We managed to find a grand total of 31 species. Last year we had 40. I sure hope we have some good weather next year and some more eyes. I would like to thank Eric Huish, Bruce Robinson and Steve Sommerfeld for helping out. I truly appreciate all your help. Below is a list of species we saw, including some new ones for the count circle. Thanks
again for all the help.

KC Childs

Canada Goose 3
Gadwall* 6
American Wigeon* 6
Mallard 31
Common Goldeneye 9
Bald Eagle 1
Northern Harrier 4
Red-tailed Hawk 3
Ferruginous Hawk 1
Rough-legged Hawk 1
Golden Eagle* 2
Wild Turkey 27
Rock Pigeon 27
Northern Flicker 1
Western Scrub-jay 1
Pinyon Jay 5
Black-billed Magpie 10
Common Raven 16
Horned Lark 33
Black-capped Chickadee 2
Juniper Titmouse* 5
Townsend's Solitaire 2
European Starling 166
White-crowned Sparrow 1
Dark-eyed Junco 19
Red-winged Blackbird 8
Western Meadowlark 4
House Finch 26
Pine Sisken* 88
American Goldfinch 7
House Sparrow 36

* indicates first for the count circle.