2002 Provo Christmas Bird Count Report
by Merrill Webb

This is a brief summary of the Provo Christmas Bird Count last Saturday.
     Good turnout of observers so that every area was covered pretty well. Temperatures were not too cold--usually in the low thirties with no wind and no precipitation. Total count was 93 species--lowest in quite a few years.
     Only one new one for the count--Eurasian Collared Dove, Dennis Shirley counted 10 in the Lake Shore area near where they have been observed all summer. Milton Moody and Carol Nelson found a Lewis' Woodpecker in the foothills east of Provo and Tom Willis found six! Winter Wrens along Hobble Creek west of the first Springville Exit. Mark Bromley's group counted 100 Avocets out in the Provo Bay area. Most water, including Utah Lake is still open so the waterfowl were really scattered making it fairly difficult to find some of the waterfowl we usually find on our count.
     Have a productive holiday season. There are still more CBC's to go, so get out there and participate. The compilers always appreciate all the help they can get.
Merrill Webb

E-mail: webmaster@utahbirds.org