2001 Provo Christmas Bird Count Report
by Merrill Webb

The following is a complete list of the birds seen on the Provo Christmas Bird Count, December 15, 2001 plus the numbers of each. Some of the numbers for individual species may be different from what was given at the compilation due to additional feeder results received after the compilation. There were a total of 101 species seen which, I think, is highest in the state this year. We tied with St. George for high in the state last year with 108 species. * = first time on Provo CBC.

   There were 43 observers in 18 parties who totaled 124 hours and 531 miles traveled, combining on foot and by car. One group braved freezing temperatures in the early morning to go owling. Thanks to all who helped. The Provo CBC for year 2002 will be Saturday, December, 21, so please reserve a place on your calendar. 

Pied-billed Grebe--29
Eared Grebe--1
Double-crested Cormorant--1
Great Blue Heron--11
*Great Egret--1
Black-crowned Night-Heron--3
Ross's Goose--1
Canada Goose--257
Wood Duck--3
American Wigeon--589
Cinnamon Teal--5
Northern Shoveler--55
Northern Pintail--62
Green-winged Teal--242
Ring-necked Duck--127
Lesser Scaup--41
Common Goldeneye--2
Hooded Merganser--2
Common Merganser--21
Ruddy Duck--15
Bald Eagle--4
Northern Harrier--52
Sharp-shinned Hawk--10
Cooper's Hawk--3
Red-tailed Hawk--40
*Ferruginous Hawk--1
Rough-legged Hawk--16
Golden Eagle--4
American Kestrel--65
Peregrine Falcon--1
Prairie Falcon--3
Ring-necked Pheasant--73
*Wild Turkey--16
California Quail--455
Virginia Rail--4
American Coot--437
Common Snipe--28
Ring-billed Gull--298
California Gull--18
Herring Gull--1
Rock Dove--828
Mourning Dove--5 Barn Owl--4
Western Screech-Owl--2
Great Horned Owl--3
Belted Kingfisher--7
Downy Woodpecker--17
Northern Flicker--218
Loggerhead Shrike--1
Northern Shrike--2
Steller's Jay--19
Western Scrub-Jay--101
Black-billed Magpie--280
American Crow--1097
Horned Lark--135
Black-capped Chickadee--182
Mountain Chickadee--20
Juniper Titmouse--1
Red-breasted Nuthatch--1
White-breasted Nuthatch--4
Brown Creeper--15
Canyon Wren--1
Marsh Wren--4
American Dipper--8
Golden-crowned Kinglet--3
Ruby-crowned Kinglet--27
Townsend's Solitaire--13
Hermit Thrush--2
American Robin--3106
Northern Mockingbird--2
European Starling--7162
American Pipit--329
Cedar Waxwing--488
Orange-crowned Warbler--2
Yellow-rumped Warbler--40
Spotted Towhee--45
American Tree Sparrow--14
Savannah Sparrow--1
Song Sparrow--196
White-crowned Sparrow--899
Dark-eyed Junco--635
Red-winged Blackbird--258
Western Meadowlark--221
Yellow-headed Blackbird--8
Brewer's Blackbird--149
Great-tailed Grackle--9
Brown-headed Cowbird--4
Cassin's Finch--12
House Finch--792
Pine Siskin--129
Lesser Goldfinch--29
American Goldfinch--171
House Sparrow--1515

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