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Books of the Utah Region   (See Utah for books specific to Utah)

  • Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges: Rocky Mountains
    Detailed information on conditions and regulations. Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.
    John Grassy, Apr 2000  208 pages
    ISBN  0312245742  (paperback) [about $14 ]
  • Birds of the Central Rockies
    240 photographs of 191 bird species of Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.
    Jan Wassink, Feb 1991, 187 pages
    ISBN 0878422358  (paperback) [about $14]
  • Birds of the Great Basin by Fred A. Ryser, Jennifer Owings Dewey (Illustrator). Paperback (July 1985)  
    ISBN 087417080X (paperback) [about $32]
  • Field Guide to the Southwestern States   National Audubon Society
    Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah, illustrated in 1500 color photographs, drawings and maps.
    Peter Alden and Peter Friederici, Sep 1999
    ISBN 067944680X (paperback) [about $14]
  • Watchable Birds of the Great Basin
    Full-color glimpses into the lives of 80 species of the region's most watchable birds.
    David Lukas, Brian Small, Jun 1999, 174 pages
    ISBN 0878423974 (paperback) [about $12]
  • Watchable Birds of the Southwest
    Field guide to the southwest's most watchable birds in Arizona, Colorado, California,
    Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.
     Mary Taylor Gray, Oct 1995, 220 pages
    ISBN 0878423222 (paperback) [about $12]



  • Birding Arizona / by Bill McMillon. -- Falcon Press, January 1996,
    ISBN 1560442301 (paperback) [about $]
  • A Birder's Guide to Southeastern Arizona / by Richard Cachor Taylor, Harold R. Holt, James A. Lane -- Paperback spiral ed. -- American Birding Association, August 1995. -- (Lane - ABA Birdfinding Guide Series)
    ISBN 187878806X (paperback) [about $]
  • A Field Guide to Birds of the Desert Southwest / Barbara L. Davis -- 1997; 320 pages -- Covers southern California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Photographic plates for many of the 440 species.
    ISBN 0884152782 (paperback) [about $22]



  • A Birder's Guide to Colorado / by Harold R. Holt. -- 4th spiral ed. -- American Birding Association, February 1997. -- (Lane - ABA Birdfinding Guide Series)
    ISBN 1878788051 (paperback) [about $22]


  • A Birder's Guide to Florida / by Bill Pranty. -- 4th ed. -- American Birding Association, January 1996. -- (Lane - ABA Birdfinding Guide Series)
    ISBN 1878788043 (paperback) [about $24]


  • A Birder's Guide to Idaho / by Dan Svingen and Kas Dumroese -- ( ABA Birdfinding Guide Series) -- 1997; 320 pages -- Describes over 110 birding sites
    ISBN 1878788140 (paperback) [about $19]

Hawaii     (Kris Purdy reviews four Hawaiian birding guides)


  • A Birder's Guide to Minnesota: A  County-By-County Guide to over 800 Birding Areas With Annotated List of Minnesota Birds  by Kim R. Eckert
    ASIN: 0964143704  [ Paperback, used & new from about $19]


New Mexico





  • A Birder's Guide to Wyoming / by Oliver Scott. -- American Birding Association, December 1992. -- (Lane - ABA Birdfinding Guide Series)
    ISBN 1878788027 (paperback) [about $19]