Key To Codes

# Please report these birds to the Utah Ornithological Society Bird Records Committee

Abundance / Status
C = Common, (seen frequently in habitat and season)
F = Fairly Common, ( in small numbers or not always seen)
U = Uncommon, (seldom seen but not a surprise)
R = Rare, (always a surprise but not out of normal range)
O = Occasional, (out of usual range)

P = Permanent resident
S = Summer resident
W = Winter visitant
T = Transient of Migrant

O-[number of sightings listed] =  (link to a list of reliable sightings for Utah)

Range Maps
[S] - Link to Summer distribution map, (from Breeding Bird Survey data)
[W] - Link to winter distribution map, ( from Christmas Bird Count data)

* Species that breeds primarily in Washington County (southwest Utah)

This list includes the following additions to the official Utah checklist of the UOS: Canyon Towhee @, Cassin's Sparrow, Elf Owl @, Field Sparrow, Garganey, Golden-winged Warbler, Gunnison Sage Grouse $, Hoary Redpoll, Magnificent Frigatebird @, Prothonotary Warbler, Scaled Quail, Tufted Duck #, Yellow-footed Gull #, Yellow-throated Vireo.
    All of these have been accepted by the UOS Records Committee except for:
@ - those with good records thought to be pending before the committee and likely to be accepted
# - those with good records which may not yet have been submitted to the committee
$ - a new split from the Sage Grouse with sightings not yet accepted by the committee

Photo  Codes
M = Male
F = Female
B = Breeding
J = Juvenile, Immature
A = Adult (Sex not determined)
W = Winter, Non-breeding or Eclipse Plumage
S = Soaring, In Flight

** Photos are by local photographers.  A special thanks to Margaret Sanchez for providing most of the photos.

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To learn about birds in general, here's a course ("Birding 101") prepared by Keith Evens of the Wasatch Audubon Society.