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   Common Raven
   Corvus corax
 Antelope Island Causeway
 3 Apr 2013
 by Kendall Brown
 İKendall W. Brown
   Common Raven
   Corvus corax
 Island in the Sky
 Canyonlands National Park
 San Juan County, Utah
 July 2005
 by Dwayne Huffaker
 İDwayne Huffaker
   Common Raven
   Corvus corax
 Antelope Island
 Davis County, Utah
 6 May 2006
 by Michelle Soper
 İMichelle N. Soper
 Common Raven
 Corvus corax

 Near Chimney Rock  (West of Route 68)
 Utah County, Utah
 5 Apr 2000

 by Margaret T. Sanchez
 İMargaret T. Sanchez