A note by Rosemary Seidler:

Possible American Black Duck

Minersville Lake, UT
August 8, Monday
approx 3:30 PM

Duck was sitting on shore next to 2 female Mallards.  This duck appeared to be slightly larger and was much darker brown than the mallards.  Neck & head were uniformly muck lighter than the body.  Body was uniformly dark.

Duck was about a city block away.  I viewed it thru Bausch & Lomb 8 x 36 binoculars as well as a Discoverer scope at 25x.  Bright light. Duck was viewed from 3 angle.  It was on opposite shore so we could not get closer.  I did not see it fly.

Other Possibilities:
   Mallard: duck was next to 2 mallards & it was much darker.  Blue speculum of mallard was visible, no speculum color could be seen on this duck.
   Gadwall:  duck was uniformly much darker that a gadwall.  There was no difference between body color & rump color.
   Mottled duck: mottled duck is uniform in color, lighter brown, & smaller than this duck.
   No other ducks have this general shape & color.

I have birded the Louisiana & Texas coast at least twice a year for the past 5 years & have observed amny mallards, black ducks, & mottled ducks during this time.   This duck matches my observations of American black ducks.

Other observers:  Merrill Webb, John Ginaven

Rosemary Seidler
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