Additional Material

Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2016-30
Barnacle Goose

Note:  Photos*  A-E  by Mike Hearell; Photo* F by Matt Pendelton

  Photo A
  Photo A1

                                       Photo A, cropped   

  Photo B
  Photo B1

                                                                              Photo B, cropped   

  Photo C
  Photo C1

                                                                Photo C, cropped   

  Photo D
  Photo D1

                                                                               Photo D, cropped   

  Photo E
  Photo E1

                                                                          Photo E, cropped   

  Photo F
  Photo F1

                                                      Photo F, cropped and enlarged   


Comments from Matt Pendelton's eBird report:

Continuing from yesterday. Photographed. Impossible to know if it is an escaped bird or not. There were zero indications that this bird was not wild. When a third of the Canada's flew off it acted spooked and joined them flying north north-west. Every behavioral and visual indication pointed to this being a wild bird.


* The original photo files, being too large for our format, have been reduced in size. (originals are available)