Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 2015-45

Common name:

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Scientific name: Setophaga pensylvanica
Date: December 05, 2014
Time: 3:30
Length of time observed: 1-2 hours
Number: 1
Sex: hatch year / female type
Location: Lytle Ranch, Beaver Dam Wash
County: Washington
Latilong: 19
Elevation: ~ 850 m
Distance to bird: 5 m
Optical equipment: 8 x 42 binoculars
Weather: cloudy
Light Conditions: mid-day
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Field Marks and
Identifying Characteristics:
Shortly after arriving at Lytle Ranch I heard a unique warbler chip in the lawn area. I soon saw a Myrtle Warbler and thought it was the bird I heard earlier, however, as I was heading towards the orchard I again heard the chip from the large vine covered ash near the chicken shed. As I moved closer it continued to call and I realized it was likely either a Yellow or a Chestnut-sided warbler. I eventually located the warbler high in the tree tops in front of the house. Surprisingly, the warbler foraged high in trees the majority of the time, only occasionally dropping lower into the vines by the chicken shed. Often held tail cocked upwards well above wings. Also observed 12/19 and 12/22.

Warbler with white unmarked underparts from chin to tail, slightly grayer on sides. Face grayish white with lime green crown, and dark eye with white eye-ring, gray auriculars extending onto nape of neck. Back and rump bright yellow-green. Wings dark with two yellow wing-bars, dark primaries with white edging and secondaries and tertials with greenish yellow edgings. Upperside of tail dark and underside white with black outside edging.

Very vocal, usually giving a loud slurred chip.
(see photos)
Song or call & method of delivery: loud slurred 'chip' call note
Behavior: see above
Habitat: plantings adjacent to desert riparian habitats
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were they eliminated:
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Description from: Notes taken at the time of the sighting
Observer: Rick Fridell
Observer's address: Hurricane, UT
Observer's e-mail address: **
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Date prepared: 12-04-2015
Additional material: Photos
Additional_Comments: Description of sighting above copied from field notes. Also observed on December 19 and 22 in same general area.