Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 2015-43

Common name:

Common Redpoll

Scientific name: [Acanthis flammea]
Date: 11/29/2015
Time: 10:30am
Length of time observed: three hours
Number: 13
Age: adult
Sex: both
Location: Jeremy Ranch Road
County: Morgan
Distance to bird: twenty feet or less
Optical equipment: Nikon 10x42 Monarch Binoculars, Olympus camera with 70-300mm Camera
Weather: partly cloudy
Light Conditions: some sun at times
Description:        Size of bird: small finch
(Description:)       Basic Shape: Pine Siskin
(Description:)  Overall Pattern: White with gray streaks, yellow bill, red forhead, black face, dome had red wash on sides and breast
(Description:)            Bill Type: small seed cracking
Field Marks and
Identifying Characteristics:
Birds were the size and shape of a Pine Siskin, with streaking on most of the body, red on foreheads, yellow bills, black around bill extending back to eye, some birds were darker than others. A couple of the birds were very light with some red wash on breast and sides.
(see photos)
Song or call & method of delivery: birds made a little chippy call when they flew, not like any finch I have heard resently.
Behavior: feeding on birch seed clusters
Habitat: Dense creek bottom with cottonwood, birth, willow, dogwood, and many other bush type plants.
Similar species and how
were they eliminated:
Goldfinch and Pine Siskin neither of these birds have red on them
Previous experience with
this & similar species:
Three years ago I had them at my feeders in Croydon, Utah for about four months.
References consulted: Sibley field guide
Description from: From photo(s) taken at the time of the sighting
Observer: Weston Smith
Observer's address: 1375N 6800E Croydon, Utah 84018
Observer's e-mail address: **
Other observers who independently identified this bird: Paul Higgins, Billy Fenamore, and two others
Date prepared: 11/29/2015
Additional material: Photos