Additional Material

Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2013-03
Common Redpoll
 (These photos do not show all of the redpolls that were identified in the field).

| Photo A  | Photo B  | Photo C |

Note:  Photo A by Ryan O'Donnell 
(First photo is at a lower resolution than the original -- others are cropped sections that show birds at or enlarged from the original resolution).

  Photo B
  Photo B1

                                              Top middle section of photo B

  Photo B2

                    Enlarged from right middle part of B1 above

  Photo B3

                                               Top right section of photo B, enlarged

  Photo B4

                                               Bottom left section of photo B

  Photo B5

                                               Bottom center section of photo C

  Photo B

Enlarged from area to the right of center of photo B (not included d in other cropped pictures)