Record # 2010-12
Possible Cackling Goose

Note: Photos A - D  by David S. Wheeler

  Photo A
Comments (Photo A):   This photo shows how dark the breasts were of the minimas compared to the Canada geese and three nominates in the center in front of the Canada goose. Also note how round the heads are of the minimas (see especially 3rd & 6th minima from left), and how the head of the right-most nominate cackler is more blocky.  Note how the bills of both ssp of cacklers are minuscule compared to those of the three Canada geese at right.  The three nominates appear a little larger in this photo relative to the minimas, but this wasn't very obvious in the field.
  Photo B
Comments (Photo B):  More of the same.
  Photo C
Comments (Photo C):  This photo, though more washed out, shows the relative size of the Cackling geese to the Canada geese when they are walking with necks fully extended.  The two races of cacklers are so similar in size that I am not even sure where they are in this photo.
  Photo D
Comments (Photo D) : Canada & Cackling geese walking, with necks less extended (more relaxed).  Again, the photo is washed out due to poor skills of the photographer.