Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 2006-15

Common name:

Red-shouldered Hawk

Scientific name: Buteo lineatus
Date: 4-2-06
Time: 1930
Length of time observed: 60 sec.
Number: 1
Age: Adult
Location: West Jordan Municipal Airport 2, 4000 W 7800 S
County: Salt Lake County
Distance to bird: power pole height, 75ft
Optical equipment: none
Weather: Sunny light breeze
Light Conditions: perfect
Description:        Size of bird:  
(Description:)       Basic Shape:  
(Description:)  Overall Pattern:  
(Description:)            Bill Type:  
Field Marks and
Identifying Characteristics:
Buteo. Bright red breast, belly, under tail and wing, black and white striped wings and tails.
Broad black stripes on tail fanned out tail in flight.
Song or call & method of delivery: none vocalized
Behavior: flying in circles at about power pole height.
Habitat: Cheat grass fields, construction area.
Similar species and how
were they eliminated:
Red-tailed hawk: Bird seen had no belly band, no ptagial line, and had red under wing lining, stripped tail.
Cooper’s Hawk: bird seen has shorter tail, black bands were broader than white, opposite of cooper’s, red under tail covers.
Northern Harrier: bird seen had better defined tail stripes, no white rump was apparent, shorter tail, body same color as body.
Previous experience with
this & similar species:
no previous experience with this species. Seen similar species frequently and photographed them striking difference in the bird caught my attention.
References consulted: NG Birds of N. America, Sibley Guide to birds, Googled pictures of red-shouldered and similar species. Described bird to my boss who grew up in FL and is very familiar with species and he agrees with my conclusion.
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Observer: Edson Leite
Observer's address: 3485 W 8245 S, West Jordan, UT 84088
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Date prepared: 4-11-06
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