(This text has been transcribed from a photocopy of the original document. ~  M.G. Moody)

[Peter Paton]

Red Phalarope - Basic plumage

Seen 30 May 1992  @ Howard Slough WMA.  Mixed in with 40 Red-necked Phalaropes, one of which was also in basic plumage.

Seen by Peter Paton & Jack Dalton - 50 m away on water - seen w/ 10x50 binoc. & 22 x spot. scope, under good light conditions - studied for 10 minutes.

Slightly larger than adjacent R. N. Phalaropes, w/ a longer neck & bill.

See Drawing

Dark eye patch eliminates Wilson's Phalarope, however bird was never seen in flight to confirm a dark tan rather than a white tan (forgot to flush it [frowny face]).  But we could see faint white stripe in wing, which is lacking in Wilson's.  Head color & pattern was much different than adjacent basic plumage R. N. Phalarope,