Record # 2-2000
Possible Canyon Towhee

Note: This is transcribed from a hand-written report submitted by Terry Sadler

Canyon Towhee
Hatch Trading Post, Jan 12, 2000
Reported by Terry Sadler

Bird sighted around noon on Jan 12, 2000 at Hatch Trading Post.  Bird first reported seen
by Dana Green who got video of the bird the week earlier.  Located the towhee with a flock
of white crown sparrow near a large bush on the north side of Hatch Trading post.  The
towhee stayed in the bush but would pop out occasionally and sit on the fence wire for a few
seconds then move back into the bush.  The Canyon Towhee was larger than the white crown
sparrows.  It was grayish brown overall with a long dark tail and dark wings.  The towhee
had a prominent reddish crown and orange rust undertail covert.  The towhee had a different
buffy eye ring, buffy throat , a whitish belly and a different dark spot on the breast.  Other birds
that might be confused with the Canyon Towhee sighted include the California Towhee which is
darker over all does not have the red crown, does not have the whitish belly and dark spot on
the breast.  Abert's Towhee has a dark mask does not have the red crown & other features
noted in the description of the Canyon Towhee.  Green-tailed Towhee is greenish-olive above,
has a white throat aa opposed to a buff throat , does not have the whitish belly dark breast
spot a pale eye ring.  Photos are included.