Northern Hawk Owl in Idaho


 Northern Hawk Owl
 Surnia ulula

 Ketchum Idaho
 February 2004

 by Eric Huish
 ŠEric Huish

Email about the Owl:

There is in fact a Hawk Owl in Sun Valley Idaho. Eric Huish and I just saw it today. It took us 5
hours to get there from Orem, but it is well worth the drive. It was at the intersection of
Elkhorn Village & Highline in Ketchum. When we got there it couldn't have possibly been
any more obvious. There are only a few trees there and it was in the top of a small pine.
A lady was shoveling snow about 10 yards from the owl. We actually were too close to
 fit the whole owl in our spotting scopes! ... ~ Bryan Shirley


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