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Review Species Reported This Month:
    Cackling Goose  Washington Co.
    Black-legged Kittiwake  Davis Co.
    Lesser Black-backed Gull  Salt Lake Co.
    Harlequin Duck  Washington Co.
    Black Scoter  Davis Co.

    Red-necked Grebe  Wasatch Co.
    Purple Sandpiper  Washington Co.  (possible first state record)


Jason St Sauver (11 Nov 2010) - took a very chilly but fruitful drive to the Bear River MBR this morning, and around the Auto Loop. Highlights: Harrier harassing a bevy of pheasants, 3 Long-billed Curlews on the dike, flock of Avocets still around, and waterfowl - including Tundra Swans - by the thousands!!

Paul Higgins (11 Nov 2010) - Winter Wren, Box Elder Campground, Box Elder County, Utah.

Mike Fish (2 Nov 2010) - Yesterday I spent my lunch out at the Public Shooting Grounds Waterfowl Management Area west of Corrine. The area is along highway 83 as you are heading west towards ATK and the Golden Spike National Historic Site. I drove back into the area only a mile since I didnít have much time and I didnít want to disturb the hunting parties that were still out in the marsh further south. I was able to watch about a hundred Tundra Swans, preening and gaggling about, on the east side resting ponds (Duck Lake). ... I did have a few close flyovers by the swans though, and by a few Northern Harriers as well...

Jason St Sauver (1 Nov 2010) - Biologist H. Browers recorded a Wood Duck, Marbled Godwit, Rough-legged Hawk and Bonaparte's Gulls during a recent survey at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.  Also - Tundra Swans have arrived in the thousands.


Hillary White (30 Nov 20910) - Took advantage of the blue skies and warmer temps in Cache valley yesterday morning. Here are two e-bird reports - 20/20 ponds and Benson - the Benson report is the route I drove from Logan to Benson to Mendon. Apparently, there's a WILD TURKEY safe haven in Mendon... I saw 10 feeding in someone's front yard and saw another two fly over about 1/2 mile later. As Craig Fosdick mentioned in a previous post, most of the open water is now frozen over, except for a small bit of open water at the Benson Marina (where I re-located 1 PIED-BILLED GREBE) and a lone LINCOLN'S SPARROW.

Craig Fosdick ( 29 Nov 2010) - There's a dark morph Harlan's Hawk on 1200 W between 1000 N and 1400 N in Logan. ... There's a dark morph Harlan's Hawk roosting in a tall deciduous tree at about 450 E between 100 N and Center in Logan.  I saw it last night but was not able to confirm; tonight in clear conditions, I saw it at 415 PM.  Also in the same tree are two light morph Rough-legged Hawks

Craig Fosdick ( 27 Nov 2010) -  I birded Cache Co. today hoping for some northern visitors. Alas, no Snow Buntings or Lapland Longspurs, but I did find at least nine different FERRUGINOUS HAWKS today, along Utah 23 / Utah 142 from the junction of Utah 23 (Valley View Hwy) and 3000 N all the way to Clarkston. Two were south of 3000 N, one was at Utah 23 and 6200 N near Newton, three were along Utah 142 between Newton and Clarkston, and three were roosting in Clarkston. Other birds of interest included a SHORT-EARED OWL at Benson Marina, two PRAIRIE FALCONS a few hundred meters apart on Utah 23 (along with 14 Northern Harriers), and two AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS at the Cutler Marsh Boat Launch.

Craig Fosdick (20 Nov 2010) - I had two late juvenile Cattle Egrets on 2600 N/3200 W in Benson today.  I think my previous late date for Cache Co. was Oct 2.

Craig Fosdick (11 Nov 2010) - There was a female or immature Prairie (Richardson's) Merlin west of Benson Marina (Cache Co.) today, on 3000 N. Also Tundra Swans overhead again.

Craig Fosdick (9 Nov 2010) - Birded/walked Benson Marina, Cache Co. this afternoon. Highlights were migrating TUNDRA SWANS and ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, two male HOODED MERGANSERS, and a single SNOW GOOSE.

Craig Fosdick (9 Nov 2010) - Walked Benson Marina at lunchtime. A surprise was a late flock of 40 SANDHILL CRANES trying to find a thermal (under all the clouds) to get out of Cache Valley. Also out at Benson was a PRAIRIE FALCON on the power lines, a FERRUGINOUS HAWK soaring south of the power lines, and a GOLDEN EAGLE. Maybe a little late was a female MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD on 2600 N.

Ryan P. O'Donnell (7 Nov 2010) - [Hardware Ranch] - I couldn't help but spend a little time birding again this afternoon, this time at Hardware Ranch ...  I was not disappointed.  The juniper trees, especially between the small spur road to the visitor's center and the large gravel parking lot at the trailhead, were packed with frugivores, including mostly AMERICAN ROBINS but also CEDAR WAXWINGS, TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRES, and even three female EVENING GROSBEAKS, only the second time I've seen that species in the county.  ...  While I was watching these birds, a small covey of seven GRAY PARTRIDGE flushed from the hillside above me, flew over my head, and landed across the river - this was a county first for me.  Otherwise diversity was not great, but it was pretty birdy in terms of total numbers.  Other expected species seen or heard included BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE, BELTED KINGFISHER, NORTHERN HARRIER, NORTHERN FLICKER, and BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE.  A recent report in eBird mentioned Pine Grosbeaks at this location, but I wasn't able to find this species.

Ryan P. O'donnell (6 Nov 2010) - Craig Fosdick and I birded around several Cache County locations today.  Following a report to eBird by Cullen Clark, we relocated four GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES at LW's gas station at 600W and 200N in Logan.  ...These were the first of the year for both Craig and I.
    - At Hyrum Reservoir, we found two SURF SCOTERS at the upstream, southeast end of the reservoir.  This is the same location where we saw one two weeks ago, and one of the two today may have been the same bird we previously saw - both appeared to be immatures.  Seeing two of this species was exciting for us, as the lone bird two weeks ago was our first ever in the county.  COMMON LOONS and a BALD EAGLE were fun additions here, but not unexpected.

Mike Fish (6 Nov 2010) - just had eight Evening Grosbeaks in my yard. I haven't seen these birds in my yard for a few years.I watched them for about 10 minutes before they flew off and headed way down river.

Craig Fosdick (3 Nov 2010) - Took my daily walk at Benson Marina today, a little earlier than usual. Good timing, because I was lucky enough to see a MERLIN (not rare, but I never get tired of them), a flock of 40 TUNDRA SWANS, plus 9 Common Ravens. Eared, Pied-billed, Western, and Clark's Grebes all continue, but numbers of Clarks and Westerns are finally starting to thin out quite a bit; I saw only 15-20 total Aechmophorus grebes; for the past month or so it seems like there have been 50-70 every time I'm at Benson Marina. But there were still juveniles begging incessantly for fish..


Jeff Bilsky (27 Nov 2010) - [AIC] There are now at least 9 Long-tailed Ducks at the bridge closest to the island. Also lots of Bonaparte's Gulls and other gulls continue. A pair of Redheads and a Barrow's Goldeneye also are adding some variety to the other swarms. ... At the ranch I located 3 Golden-crowned Kinglets, a Cooper's Hawk, a handful of Hermit Thrushes, Juncos, American Goldfinches, audible Virginia Rail, an American Kestrel, etc etc, and a stunning Prairie Falcon.

Robert Williams (22 Nov 2010 - I went out to island today I found the two LONG TAILED DUCKS and about 2 dozen Bonaparte's Gulls at the bridge , on my way out of the park I found 3 Snow Buntings and a Glacous-winged gull between mile marker 3 and 4.

Kristin Purdy (21 Nov 2010) - Cindy Sommerfeld just called (12:30 pm, Sunday) with the news that Steve has picked out a BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE from the seething mass of gulls at the big bridge near the marina at Antelope Island Causeway.

Dean DiTomasso (14 Nov 2010) - [AIC] - I saw an adult male LONG-TAILED DUCK from the second bridge flying over the causeway heading south.

Joel Beyer (11 Nov 2010) - Today, on the Antelope Island Causeway (Davis Co.), the BLACK SCOTER was at the second bridge. No Surf Scoters were seen. Near mile marker 4 (north side), two DUNLIN were with a large group of Killdeer and Least Sandpipers. At Fielding Garr Ranch, the VARIED THRUSH was found in the trees along the south fence line. A second VARIED THRUSH was in a copse of trees about 1/3 mile south of the ranch, along with a Cooper's Hawk and a coyote. The only other bird of note at the ranch was a Golden-crowned Kinglet. Also of interest, two Northern Shrikes (one juvenile, one adult), a Rough-legged Hawk and a Prairie Falcon were seen along the road to Garr Ranch, and the two Bewick's Wrens showed nicely at Ladyfinger Point.

Jolene Hatch (11 Nov 2910) - Rough-legged Hawk was perched very calmly and majestically on one of the park signs 100 yards west of the entrance station to Antelope Island.

Norman Jenson (6 Nov 2010) - A Varied Thrush spotted on today's Audubon sponsored trip to Antelope Island.  Thanks goes to Jeff Bliskey for spotting this gem. 

Carl Ingwell (6 Nov 2010) - This morning I led a GSLA trip to Antelope Island.  Bird life was pretty slow on the causeway and the island, but we did see some neat birds.  On the causeway we saw one Surf Scoter, one Horned Grebe & three Bonaparte's Gulls.  On the island we saw a Bewicks Wren, Loggerhead Shrike, a Perigrine Falcon & one Prarie Falcon.  At the ranch, there was a Varied thrush, Cedar Waxwings & an Orange-crowned Warbler. 

Dennis Shirley (2 Nov 2010) - On Monday late afternoon both a SURF and BLACK SCOTER were seen a along the Antelope Island Causeway on the south side of the last bridge near mile post 1. They were mixed in with several hundred Ruddy Ducks, Eared Grebes and a few Lesser Scaup. The surf had been reported earlier at this location


Diane Penttila ( 2 Nov 2010) - [Ouray National Wildlife Refuge] -General Waterbird Survey. The following birds were seen within the survey route: Canada Geese, Snow goose, Tundra Swan, Mallard, Gadwall, Green-winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Wood duck, Redhead, Canvasback, Ring-necked duck, Lesser scaup, Ruddy duck, Bufflehead, Common Merganser, American coot, Great blue heron, Black-crowned night heron, American White Pelican, Sandhill Crane, Wilson's Snipe, Pied-billed Grebe, Eared Grebe, Western Grebe, Ring-billed gull, Northern harrier, Red-tailed Hawk


Mike Fish (15 Nov 2010) - I spent a fabulous 4 day weekend down at Panguitch Lake, and aside from family activities, I was able to get out and see the birds in the area. The lake was filled with large numbers of waterfowl ...The Coots seemed to be the only birds hanging along the shoreline and there were hundreds of them on the lake. I could also identify dozens of Ruddy Ducks and Canadian Geese. There were thousands of birds on the water ... Outside the water I saw 2 Bald Eagles, several Red-tailed Hawks, Ravens, Horned Larks, and the other area typical birds. ... My favorite bird at the cabin is always the Stellerís Jay. I put bird seed in various places outside around the cabin, and finally after a day, a Stellerís Jay showed up for the bounty. ... I was also able to watch a group of Mountain Chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches that hung out together.


Cheri M (20 Nov 2010) - Have been enjoying 2 Red breasted Nuthatches here in Kane County. Frequenting the suet feeders and birdbaths the last few days. Prior to that they have been seen and heard in our wood. Northern Pygmy Owl here too.


David Allan (29 Nov 2010) - Had a single White-winged Dove at a b.o.s.s. bird feeder in my Oak City, Millard Co backyard this morning. It's the second time in the past couple of months I've noticed one in the yard.


Matt Schamberger (6 Nov 2010) - My wife and I saw nine Lewis' Woodpeckers today on the drive from East Canyon Reservoir to Morgan. (Sadly we did not locate the Red-throated loon at East Canyon.) We saw the first Lewis' near mile marker six and watched it for approximately 15 min. We saw the last two not far from Steph's Drive-In in Morgan, UT.

Cindy Sommerfeld (6 Nov 2010) - Steve and I decided to do a reservoir loop today.  The Pacific Loon is still at East Canyon Reservoir.  It was closer to the dam than when it was first reported. 

Joel and Kathy Beyer (2 Nov 2010) - Sunday, at least 7 Lewis' Woodpeckers were seen along Highway 66, which runs from Morgan to East Canyon Reservoir.  Specifically, they were seen between mile markers 5.5 and 7.2.   Four woodpeckers were hanging about Woods Creek (mm 7.2), and the others were seen individually. 


Ed Conrad (30 Nov 2010) - Today at Decker Lake (S.L. County), there was an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull mixed in w/ the enormous flock of California Gulls (~750) and Ring-billed Gulls (~50).

Steve Coleman (29 Nov 2910) - A flock of Sandhill Cranes just past over Salt Lake headed south along the east bench.

Tom Fletcher (28 Nov 2010) - Just as I was lamenting the lack of mountain visitors I've had during these recent snowstorms, a White-Breasted Nuthatch showed up on a tree trunk in my yard briefly this morning. I live north of Sugarhouse, SLC. This is the first time I've seen one anywhere in the valley.

Jerry Liguori
(26 Nov 2010) - There is a flock of about 400 ROSY FINCHES along the shoreline trail just south of Parley's Canyon (SLC). ... The trailhead is at the north end of Wasatch Blvd. above the top of 3300 south.

Dan Salemi (25 Nov 2010) - [Draper] - We have one a telephone pole in our backyard that seems to be a Merlin magnet.  Of course the "magnet" might be the four feeders full of House Sparrows and House Finches.   Seems like just about Thanksgiving every year, we get one that stays for about a week.  This year's arrival was right on time.  Just spotted him about 30 minutes ago.

Tim Avery (20 Nov 2010) -  [Millcreek]  - Merlin seen along Wasatch Blvd near 5000 South this morning. This is the first "Pacific" type individual I recall seeing in the county.

Bryant Olsen (9 Nov 2910) - Today around 4:00pm I saw an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, near 405 N. and Olive St.. It was apparently the only one around, associated with several Oregon Dark-eyed Junco. I did a thorough search of the area and found no others. Also in the cemetery were C. Waxings, A. Robins, BB Magpies, H. Finches, N. Flickers, BC Chickadees, RB Nuthatches and S. Towhees.

Carl Ingwell (5 Nov 2010) - Just had 4-5 Cedar Waxwings in my yard.  The other day I heard a flock around 15th S. And 9th E, so they're in the Sugarhouse area right now.

Nicky Davis (5 Nov 2010) - Just a note to let you know that the Western Screech Owl is back using the Northern Flicker nest box in my yard here in Draper, Utah.  This is his/her third year roosting in the box for the winter. He came back on the 9th of October this year which is two weeks earlier than last year.

Bryant Olsen (4 Nov 2010) - Today while working in SLC Avenues,I was startled by the sound of Sandhill Cranes, and after a few minutes saw a flock of 30 or so flying overhead. I was right across from the SLC Cemetery,and the Cranes were directly above the cemetery.

Kristin Purdy (3 Nov 2010) - I wonder if a minor irruption of Stellerís Jays is in progress. Today, Great Salt Lake Audubon reported a Stellerís Jay from Mountain Dell in Salt Lake County, which is around 5700 feet in elevation. Yesterday, Eric Blair reported a Stellerís Jay in his yard in the foothills of Salt Lake; this would have been in the ballpark of 4500-5500 feet.


Ted Madden (14 Nov 2010) - Have been seeing flocks of 25 to 50 Sandhill Cranes overhead for at least the last three weeks. Their distinctive call cannot be missed. I live in Venice, UT, Sevier Valley, near Richfield.


Kristin Purdy (3 Nov 2010) - The number of SURF SCOTERS at Rockport State Park, Summit County, has grown to three since Sunday when Dean DiTommaso reported a female-type bird there. The three were at the southeast area of the reservoir this morning, where I observed them from the access road to the Pinery Day Use Area. All three are female-types, but I suspect that one of them is a juvenile male.

Kristin Purdy (2 Nov 2010) - The EVENING GROSBEAK that came circling above my head calling a persistent ďTewp! Tewp!Ē at Echo Reservoir in Coalville, Summit County, must have been my consolation prize this morning for not finding the Black Scoter or his attendant flock of scaup that Dean DiTommaso found there yesterday.  I feel sadly confident that I covered the reservoir thoroughly and that the flock has flown the coop. Bummer.


Jeff Cooper (27 Nov 1010) - This morning, I stopped by the Lindon Boat Harbor/Geneva Cooling Ponds to see if the ponds were frozen. They were lightly frozen over along with Utah Lake.  A BELTED KINGFISHER announced its entry with a lot of chatter and it flew in from behind and down into what turned out to be a small oasis of bird activity. It was the one place where the water had not frozen due to water that was pouring in from the Geneva area. I watched the Kingfisher feed and then notice that VIRGINIA RAILS were frolicking and foraging. I counted at least ten over about a 30-minute period. I have never seen so many in one spot. In the same small area I saw the following: GREATER YELLOWLEGS, SNIPE, DOWITCHER, COOT, MARSH WREN, GREAT BLUE HERON, one shore bird I'm stilling working on identifying with my photos, and SORA (heard calling only). It was a busy little place with more to share, I'm sure, if I would have stayed longer.

Jeff Cooper
(22 Nov 2010) - Sorry about not being more specific about the location in my previous report of the WHITE-WINGED DOVE. I didn't think it likely the dove would return so I didn't give the specific address. However, several people have asked for the address. I saw it at about 1200 N. 900 E. in American Fork (the road leading from the Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple toward Lone Peak High School).

Eric Huish (20 Nov 2010) - KC Childs and I drove around the Provo Airport Dike today (Nov 20). The most interesting birds were; a late Barn Swallow on the West side of the airport, 3 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers right at the beginning of the dike loop (the Airport Entrance side not the Provo River side), a Male and Female Hooded Merganser in the moat just East of the South extension and an American Tree Sparrow at the same spot as the mergansers. 

Dennis Shirley (9 Nov 2010) - At about 2:00pm today I found a single SNOW BUNTING on the south jetty at the Utah Lake State Park west of Provo in Utah County. It was seen about half way out the dike after it turns back to the north. It was skiddish and would fly a short distance down the dike each time I got too close. It appeared to be a 1st year male, with much buffy coloration, but still lots of white. A nice looking bird and a pleasant surprise.

Alona Huffaker (9 Nov 2010) - 20-30 Sandhill Cranes were flying way high above North Mapleton about 2:30 this afternoon. There were twice that many on Sunday morning near the same area.

(7 Nov 2010) - [Provo Airport Dike] -I decided today to run down around the airport dike to see what was moving down there. The first bird of note I saw while I was on the dike was a great close look at a Horned Grebe. It was seen along the slightly paved section in the moat when coming from the airport side on the east end. It was seen with a Pied-billed Grebe. I had to look through gaps in the Tamerisk to be able to view the bird. A good bird for Utah county. Where the pavement ended I had a pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. It's getting late in the year for these species to still be around in northern Utah. Out on the mudflats were still a good number of American Avocets. I am sure they will be taking flight soon for the south. Also flying over the moat on the dike was  Caspian Tern. This is also starting to be late in the year for this species. Nothing incredibly rare but still wonderful to be out on a beautiful day like today.

Robert Williams (5 Nov 2010) - Birded the park and dike for a little this morning, of note were the 12-15 AMERICAN PIPITS out on the pier in the state park, 12-15 fly over TUNDRA Swans (truth be told the swans were yesterday) and a pair of AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS also the regular wc sparrows, yellow-rumped warbler, coots, western/clarks grebes, pheasant, harrier, flicker, etc etc...


David Wheeler (15 Nov 2010) - I took Mojo out to get us both some exercise in Main Canyon by Wallsburg, Wasatch Co.  I did not encounter the Pygmy Owl mentioned before, but I did spook up Ruffed Grouse in two different spots (Mojo typically oblivious both times), saw a lovely Pacific Wren in the steep-gully portion about two miles above the end of paved road, and then saw two Lewis's Woodpeckers by farm houses in different areas within about a half mile of the end of pavement (but on the paved side).  Overall, not very birdy in the cold, but some nice species.  Other birds included a Golden Eagle and a Towsend's Solitaire.

Eric Huish (11 Nov 2010) - KC Childs and I birded the North end of Deer Creek Reservoir, the Wallsberg area and Main Canyon today in Wasatch County. In Main Canyon we saw a Northern Pygmy-Owl about 1 1/2 miles up the canyon from where the pavement ended. We were walking up the road in a light snow flurry when the owl flew down the road and landed on a branch directly above me, about 20 feet up. ...Right after the snow flurry stopped we were looking at the Northern Pygmy-Owl through the bins when we noticed a kettle of Buteos soaring in the background. We watched the sky for the next 30 minutes and saw a lot of migrating raptors heading south. 31 raptors in all, mostly Red-tails and Bald Eagles. The canyon was otherwise birdless except for a few Steller's Jays and some soaring Ravens. We were in the canyon from 12:40 pm to 2:00 pm. Main Canyon is Southeast of Wallsberg at the end of Main Canyon Road.  ... On our way to Main Canyon we saw 4 Lewis's Woodpecker along Main Canyon Road east of Wallsberg.

Eric Huish
(6 Nov 2010) - Ned Bixler, Oliver Hanson and I birded Strawberry this morning hoping to find rare winter water birds.  There were lots and lots of fishermen and boats, no rare scoters or loons, just Common Loons, many coots, many California Gulls and the expected waterfowl.  Most of the water birds were far out in the middle of the reservoir.   We heard Evening Grosbeaks flying over in the early morning fog but never got to see them.  They were along the road to the dam on the far East side of the reservoir.  There was a Bald Eagle, a Golden Eagle and a few Clark's Nutcrackers along the Strawberry River below the dam.  We also saw a herd of Elk, one bull and 20 cows. Strawberry Reservoir is in Wasatch County along hwy 40 Southeast of Heber.

Cindy Sommerfeld (6 Nov 20910) - Steve and I  relocated the Red-necked Grebe at Jordanelle Reservoir It was at the same place as originally reported.  It was diving a lot.


Rick Fridell (28 Nov 2010) - This afternoon (11/28), I located an apparent PURPLE SANDPIPER at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. The sandpiper was loosely associated with a Dunlin, foraging on the emergent sand and gravel bar island located below the west dam (viewed from the south end of the large parking lot). 
     - There continues to be large numbers (and great diversity) of waterfowl around Washington Co., including 7 Tundra Swans and 4 Snow Geese at Sand Hollow; 2 Greater White-fronted Geese at Sky MountaIn GC in Hurricane; the continuing Ross's Goose at Springs Estate Park; and Rob and Meribeth located a Cackling Goose in a large flock of Canada Geese in the Washington Fields.

David Wheeler (21 Nov 2010) - In Lytle Ranch on Saturday morning, I awoke with a sensation that I must be sleeping under a flag, as the wind flapped my 30 year old pup tent with intent to shred.  I packed it up, chatted with my friend Eriberto (the caretaker of the ranch), and set out to see if I could find some birds.  It was utterly hopeless.  You know it's a bad day when even juncos won't come out of cover for a heartfelt pish.  he best birds I saw were four female Hooded Mergansers at the pond.  The dust storm was so fierce that Mojo kept sneezing and I wept tears of mud...

Rick Fridell (3 Nov 2010) - Yesterday (11/2) - Maurice Demille photographed a female / juvenile type Harlequin Duck on the Virgin River at Confluence Park (Toquerville, La Verkin, Hurricane).  The duck was a few hundred meters upstream from the confluence with La Verkin Creek near the USGS gaging station. A few of us looked around that portion of the river this afternoon but were not successful at relocating the duck. 


Kristin Purdy (27 Nov 2010) - Iím pleased to report that the drake Mandarin Duck population at Beus Park In Ogden, Weber County, has increased by 100%. Today, there were two. ... One of the resident Western Screech-owls was roosting in his or her usual spot; reply for details. There was also a Brown Creeper using the big trees along the east side of the pond from the east feeder down to the southeast corner.

Kristin Purdy (15 Nov 2010) - Yesterday, I saw a Merlin at a particular location for the fourth timeóon the double set of power poles next to the pagoda-style Kobe Restaurant sign (formerly Dai Enko Tei) in South Ogden, Weber County, at the intersection of US-89 and Harrison Blvd. I saw the bird there for the first time on October 17, and now Iíve seen it there three times since this past Wednesday. Iíll assume itís the same Merlin, a Taiga female or young male.

Kristin Purdy ( 2 Nov 2010) - I saw and heard a few more EVENING GROSBEAKS this afternoon, this time in Weber County on a trail east of Snowbasin Ski Resort.


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