Birdnet Hotline Highlights
October 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Blue Jay   Davis Co. 
     Lawrence's Goldfinch  Iron Co. 
     Vaux's Swift  Juab Co.Washington Co.
     Red-necked Grebe  Morgan Co.Utah Co. 
     Philadelphia Vireo  Washington Co.


Eric Huish, KC Childs (Sat, 04 Oct 2002) Me and KC went out to Great Basin NP this weekend. We took the long way out
and stopped at Gunnison Bend Res, Clear Lake WMA, Kaufman Ranch, Minersville Res, Wah Wah Ranch, and Pruess Lake.  Wah Wah Ranch I had never herd of this place before but saw it on the UtahBirds web site under places to bird. We went down the ranch road where we saw YR Warblers, RC Kinglets and at least 4 Coopers hawks. A couple ranchers asked us what we where looking for (We were looking for birds) then told us we should go through the gate and up the bank to the pond. "There are lots of birds and ducks up there" they said. Boy where they right. That place was hopping. Even though there were several Coopers Hawks, a Harrier and a RT Hawk zipping around up there.Wood ducks and BW Teal took off out of the pond as soon as our heads cleared the hill and warblers were flying all over. Most noteworthy species were Rose-breasted Grosbeak and White-throated Sparrow.


Joel & Kathy Beyer - This afternoon (Monday Oct. 14) we saw a first winter White-throated Sparrow at Willard Bay State Park. It was found along the marsh boardwalk, which is located in the northwest corner of the main campground (now closed). Earlier today at White's Valley (Box Elder Co.) we saw a flock of about 20 Gray Partridge, 3 Sharp-tailed Grouse and many American Pipits.


Glenn B. Barlow - (31 Oct 2002)  Yesterday afternoon a little before 3 p.m. I received a telephone call from Bill Fennimore of the Layton Wildbird Center. He reported that Martha Ann, who works at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island, called him to report that a Blue Jay was coming to her feeder. [at a residence in Layton].

Donna Thorum - (Sat, 12 Oct 2002) After the SL Birder's field trip this morning Matthew Thorum, Letitia Lussier, and myself went out on the Antelope Island Causeway to see what was there. ... while checking out the Eared Grebes Letitia spotted what she thought was a phalarope. It was and after much discussion and checking three field guides, listening to tapes, and saying "it is" and "it can't be", we finally determined that it was a Red Phalarope. It was alone on the north side of the causeway just as the road turns south. ...

Robert Bradley - (Sat, 05 Oct 2002) Tony Jones and I went birding today. Our first stop was Farmington Bay among the many hunters. At the first bridge South of the Gate, which is now open, much to our surprise, we saw an Egyptian Goose. We were able to observe it with binoculars and scopes for five or more minutes as it feed along the bank of the small stream.


Steve Summers - (13 Oct 2002)  This morning I saw an imm. Golden-crowned Sparrow along the Coal Creek Trail in Cedar City.  This is the second Golden-crowned Sparrow for Iron Co. this Fall.

Steve Summers - While looking unsuccessfully for the Lawrence's Goldfinch at Chekshani Cliffs, Iron Co. yesterday (Sun. 10/6) I saw an immature Golden-crowned Sparrow. Also there was a late Green-tailed Towhee. The Golden-crowned was in the same area as the Lawrence's Goldfinch was.

Steve Summers - This afternoon (Oct. 2) a little before 2 p.m. I saw a winter adult male LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH at Chekshani Cliffs in Iron Co., UT. I saw this distinctive bird briefly but well. Chekshani Cliffs is about 2.5 miles south of
Kanarraville, ... The black face, both above and below the bill, yellow breast and gold in the wings were very evident.


Dennis Shirley - (Wed, 9 Oct 2002)  Grant Jense, Bob Huntington, and I saw a White-throated Sparrow in the understory of the cottonwood trees at the south end of Goshen Canyon on tuesday morning Oct. 8th. It was in a small flock of white-crowned sparrows.

Tuula Rose - I birded Goshen Canyon, Utah/Juab County, this morning (Sat 10.5.02, around 10am). I stopped at the parking area behind the cottonwoods where the stream crosses the road and saw a lone Vaux's Swift circling the area a few times, flying farely low, giving good looks. It then took off up the canyon.


Eric Huish, KC Childs (Sat, 04 Oct 2002) Me and KC went out to Great Basin NP this weekend. We took the long way out
and stopped at Gunnison Bend Res, Clear Lake WMA, Kaufman Ranch, Minersville Res, Wah Wah Ranch, and Pruess Lake. Gunnison Bend Reservoir: ... Common Loon ...COMMON TERN- Very good looks of the bird in flight with obvious dark carpal bar. A lifer for KC.  Clear Lake WMA:  ...BLUE-WINGED TEAL ...Kings Canyon: Pinyon Jays


Dennis Shirley - (28 Oct 2002)  ... In addition to the Barrow's and Common Goldeneye, Hooded and Common Merganser, Common and Pacific Loon, and Surf Scoter, there is now a White-winged Scoter and the Red-necked Grebe.

Jack Torrey - On Oct 28, Monday, 1:30 p.m., Jack Torrey, Bob Huntington and Glenda Carter reported a Red-necked Grebe and Common Loons at East Canyon Reservoir.  The Red-necked Grebe was in the Eastern leg of the reservoir, as you proceed toward Salt Lake City. 

Joel & Kathy Beyer - This afternoon (10/27) we birded East Canyon Reservoir in Morgan County. The highlight was a winter adult Pacific Loon. It was located in the bay framed by highways 66 and 65, which junction at the head of the bay. The bird was hanging around the two bouys. Also on the Reservoir were approximately 100 Common Loons, 3 Surf Scoters, 4 Hooded Mergansers, 20 Common Mergansers, several Common Goldeneyes and at least one male Barrow's Goldeneye.


Eric Huish - I saw a Great Egret this evening(10/17). It was on the Jordan River Parkway just South of 123rd South.

Deedee O'Brien  - (13 Oct 2002)  Two male Wood Ducks have been hanging out this week in the pond or the stream that feeds it at Wheeler Farm in SL County. They were found last Wednesday on GSL Audubon's monthly field trip there, and were seen again on Saturday, reported by Jack Clark and Taz Harrington. ...


Tim Gorman - (24 Oct 2002) Here are some of my bird sightings from my backpacking trip up the Henry's Fork drainage in the High Uintas, Summit County Utah:  [part of list:] 3- White-tailed Ptarmigan 11,400' elev. 1- Goshawk 10,600' elev. Dollar Lake area Perched on dead blow-down tree near trail in driving rain storm.  many- Black Rosy-Finch 11,200' Blanchard Lake in boulders, I was up there for four days of rain snow and wind September 5 thru September 8.


Brian Maxfield - (11 Oct 2002) Today I had two Gray Jays show up at my yard in the Uintah Basin. I have been noticing the jays lower this year than in years past but didn't think I would have one show up in my yard. I live at 6600' in a cultivated area with patches of pinyon and sagebrush with a cottonwood river bottom nearby.


Tuula Rose - KC Childs just called me (Fri 11.1.02 1:15 pm) and reported seeing a first winter Red-necked Grebe at the Lindon, Ut. Co. landfill pond. ... The grebe was with a couple of western grebes on the pond. KC Childs also reported (two minutes after I sent the first one) seeing a White-winged Scoter in Powell slew at the pond that is behind the Orem water treatment plant. ...

KC Childs - (22 Oct 2002)  Today as I was watching TV I saw bird fly into my thistle feeder. I figured it was just one of my normal Lesser Goldfinches. A second look proved it to be a Common Redpoll. I took one picture of it before it flew away. It happend at about 1:20 this afternoon. ...

Jack Binch - (13 Oct 2002)  I finally got out of the work around the house rut and went birding. The first notable bird (8:30 a.m.) was the best we saw. The Golden-crowned Sparrow was at east bay in Provo.

Dennis Shirley - (7 Oct 2002 )  It's once again time to join the world of birding/birders. ... I'll try to post any rare or unusual sighting. Here's a start for the last few days! Band-tailed Pigeon- Spanish Fork RR siding along I-15; Osprey, Common Grackle, Townsend's Warbler- Salem Pond; Merlin- Utah Lake/Lincoln Point [ A beautiful black subspecies]; Cassin's Vireo- Payson Cemetary; Fox Sparrow- Goshen Canyon [ Near canal shack at south end];  Ferruginous Hawk- West side of Goshen Cemetary; Lewis' Woodpecker- Salem Canal road ...

Julie VanMoorhem - Hi Everyone, Birded today with Kent Lewis. ...At Utah Lake along the south jetty we met up with Dennis Shirley who had already scoped out the Baird's, Pectoral, and Least Sandpipers, a Semipalmated Plover, a dowitcher we tried to make into a short-billed but it wouldn't cooperate, some Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, and Common Snipe. We got best ever looks at Baird's and Pectoral Sandpipers in great light, close up!!

Alona Huffaker - (Thu, 3 Oct 2002) I just had 9 Sandhill Cranes fly over my Springville yard. I heard them from inside and went out and had time to call Bonnie out to see them before they were too far away. Neat, huh!


Bob Huntington - (19 Oct 2002)  Today I checked out Deercreek Res. There were a lot of american wigeon where the river emtys in and 1 lonely pelican. At Rainbow cove camp ground there 8 Common Loon. Abeutiful sight this early in the fall.


Rick Fridell - This morning (10/27), Kristen and I received a call from Larry Tripp who was birding at the Red Hills Golf Course, St. George (Washington Co. UT). Larry located a very bright Philadelphia Vireo in the mesquites and willows near
the Club House parking lot at approximately 9:45. Kristen and I made it to the Golf Course around 10:15 and after a short search we relocated the vireo in the thicket at the inflow into the pond. Larry also found a White-throated Sparrow this morning in the mesquite thicket below the parking lot.

Rick Fridell - Tonight (10/24) I made a quick trip to Gunlock Reservoir (Washington Co. UT) to see if the Surf Scoters were still present. ... I stopped near the dam (boat ramp area) to look over a small group of ducks and I was pleasantly surprised to find a Red Phalarope. The phalarope was alone and feeding fairly close to shore near the boat ramp, allowing me take some photographs.

Rick Fridell -  This evening (10/22)at 6:00 pm,  there were two adult female Surf Scoters at Gunlock Reservoir, Washington Co. UT.  The Scoters were at the north end (inflow end) of the reservoir diving along the shore opposite the overlook parking area. 

Lonny Boring - On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 10, 11, and 12, I saw a male Varied Thrush at the Springdale Pond in Springdale. The bird perched near the pond in the taller willow snags. He arrived around 6:00 pm each night and stayed for 10-20 minutes. Because this is a bird of uncertain occurrence in this vicinity, I videotaped the sighting on Saturday.

William Hunter -  Yesterday morning, Saturday, October 12, 2002, the Dixie Birders were out and about. ... Places birded were Sunbrook Golf Course, Baker Dam Reservoir, Mountain Meadows, Pine Valley, and Southgate Golf Course. [Some of the birds found:]  SUNBROOK: Greater White-fronted Goose - 4, EURASIAN WIGEON YES!!! For years there have been various reports of one turning up at Southgate. Iıd given up. But there, yesterday at Sunbrook about 8am (and again on our return around 4pm), in with several American Wigeon sits this beautiful bird, an adult male in nonbreeding plumage.  BAKER DAM RESERVOIR: Common Loon - 1  PINE VALLEY: VAUXıS SWIFT - 1 (This bird came into view while observing the flight of the Lewisıs Woodpecker, otherwise we would never have seen it.) SOUTHGATE: BLACK-NECKED SWAN - 1 (Last year there was a single bird that wintered at Quail Creek Reservoir/Stratton Pond. Could this be the same bird? It sure is beautiful.)