Birdnet Hotline Highlights
16-30 Apr 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Hudsonian Godwit   Davis Co. 
     Vaux's Swift  Washington Co. 
     Hermit Warbler  Washington Co. 
     Painted Redstart  Washington Co. 
     Clay-colored Sparrow  Utah Co.,

   James Lofthouse - Wood Ducks have been seen several times where the blacksmith fork river crosses highway 165 in Nibley (a little pond on the east of the road and north of the river) Today there were 2 males and one female there. (19 Apr 2002)

   Jack Binch - Roy Groesbeck and I went to Bear River BR again, with better results this time. [in the list] American Bittern, Blue-winged Teal (28 Apr 2002)
   Bob Parsons - This morning I birded the causeway and found hundreds of Western Sandpipers, one Dunlin, 6 Black Bellied Plovers, dozens of Willets, numerous Avocets and a few Black-necked Stilts. The beaches toward Garr Ranch had a fair number of Godwits. The Sanderlings were gone or I just missed them. (24 Apr 2002)
   Steve Coleman - I went out to Glover Lane Pond in Farmington again late yesterday afternoon and this time saw 3 pair of Blue Winged Teal and a single female where I saw the pair last week 5 in all. A pair of Red Breasted Mergansers and the usual variety of nice ducks, willets and avocets. (22 Apr 2002)
   Joel & Kathy Beyer - This morning, Saturday April 20, we found a male HUDSONIAN GODWIT at Farmington Bay WMA. It was seen from atop the large hill at the north end of the west dike road (where the gate is now closed for the season),looking due west.

   Paul Pisano (of Arlington, VA) - Red Crossbill, nesting - April 6, 2002, Bryce Canyon Natl. Park, beginning of the Bristlecone Loop Trail (before the trail actually loops, not far from the parking lot, near a small wooden bench overlooking the canyon).

   Damian Fagan - Sighted a pair of Wood Ducks (4/17) roosting in the large cottonwood trees along the Mill Creek Parkway, between Grand County High and Mill Creek.
   Damian Fagan - Three Red-breasted Mergansers on the Central Pond at the Scott M. Matheson Wetlands Preserve (Grand Co.) on 4/15/02.

   Carol Davis - I had two Common Grackles at my feeder today in Taylorsville. I first heard them call and thought someone was trying to loudly imitate a bird call with an electronic instrument. Beautiful birds! (26 Apr 2002)
   Pomera Fronce - Tonight I was birding along the Jordan River Parkway (south of 12600 South). Around 7:00 I saw a bird perched in a tree just a few feet off the ground. ... The most noticeable features were the curved bill and yellowish eye. It was a Bendire's Thrasher and it looked exactly like the picture in the Stokes Field Guide. About 7:30, the bird flew east and landed in the top of the sagebrush and that's where I left him. Wow, what a treat!  (26 Apr 2002)

   Tuula Rose - On this beautiful seven-sparrow morning (Sun 4.28.02, 10:30 am) ... The first run yielded a Lincoln sparrow and a surprise White-throated Sparrow at about 0.7 miles from the beginning of the moat.
   KC Childs, Eric Huish - Eric Huish and I ran around the Provo Airport Dike. We saw a Great Egret at the Northeast corner of the new extension. Also at the same area was a suprising Black Throated Sparrow. He was down along the rocks on the shore.(27 Apr 2002)
   Merrill Webb - At about 10:30 Saturday morning, Merrill Webb saw a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW on the west side of the Provo Airport dike. Its was 0.3 to 0.4 miles from where the fence ends and the mote begins (it was at the second turnoff). (27 Apr 2002)
   Cheryl Peterson - Finally found a Blue-winged Teal in the county. It is at that little pond south of Reilly Tar (in Provo). Go south on State St. and turn right on 2000 South. Follow the road around until you pass Pacific States Steel and Reilly Tar. The pond is on the left side of the road. (20 Apr 2002)
   KC Childs - I went out early this morning around the Provo Airport Dike in Utah County. The most interesting bird of note was a Peregrine Falcon on the southwest corner. (19 Apr 2002)

   Terry Sadler - On Thursday, April 25th I observed a male HERMIT WARBLER while hiking in the Pine Valley Mountains in Washington County. The bird was singing near the top of a pine tree at the top of Nay's Canyon about 3 miles along the Brown's Point Trailhead from Pine Valley Campground. The campground was closed and the gate locked so it was necessary to hike in from the parking area by the small lake.
   Paul Pisano (of Arlington, VA) - PAINTED REDSTART - April 7, 2002, Zion Natl. Park, Temple of the Sinawava area, right at the beginning of the Riverside Walk. One adult male, singing loudly and showing well in the top of a medium-sized tree about halfway between the trail and the river. First seen and heard at about 8:30 am.
   Rick Fridell - A quick note to let everyone know that this morning on my way to work (4/16) I saw a VAUX'S SWIFT flying over the SR-9 Sewer Ponds (across from the Quail Creek Chevron, Hurricane, Washington County).