Birdnet Hotline Highlights
March 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Common Redpoll   Salt Lake Co.


   Todd Black -  (6 Mar 2002)  A singing Male Canyon Wren was heard and observed on 28 Feb. 2002 by Todd Black while feeding deer up Black Smith Fork Canyon in Cache Valley.  Kind of strange for a cold, hard winter.


   Kevin Wheeler - Thursday, 14 March, I saw several Bohemian Waxwings with a flock of Cedar Waxwings at Foote Reservoir east of Gandy, Millard County.  There were perhaps 50 waxwings; of those maybe 10-15 were bohemians. There was also a Great-horned Owl that had a lot of white in it.  If you go out to look for them, take lots of warm clothes, it was snowing!


   Jeff & Susan Saffle - (Wed, 13 Mar 2002)  My wife Susan called me this afternoon to report a COMMON REDPOLL (!) mixed with the Cassin's finches at our feeders, including a feeder located right by the window (so she got a very good look).  The bird appeared again about 2:00 pm, and may stick around for a few days.  We live in Emigration Canyon, about two miles above Ruth's diner. While I'm writing, I'd also like to report three Winter Wrens in City Creek on Sunday.  One was just above picnic site number 1.  The other two were between sites 5 and 6.  The male was singing off an on for some time (that's how we found them) and hopping about in the bushes, which gave us good looks.  This is a Saffle life bird!

   Joel & Kathy Beyer - (Wed, 6 Mar 2002)  A belated report from Sunday, March 3. Along the Antelope Island Causeway there were at least 50 Greater Scaup, all on the south side, most of them grouped near the second bridge (the one near the Island).  Atop a light pole on this bridge was the resident Prairie Falcon. Numerous Juniper Titmouse in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, in the vicinity of 940 E. 415 N. In City Creek Canyon, 2 Winter Wrens were seen and heard  between picnic
areas 1 and 2.  Several Golden-crowned Kinglets were near the entrance gate.

   Tom & Angie - (Sun, 3 Mar 2002)  A few Pinyon Jays (maybe 7) have been visiting my feeders this week - the first group to come by in about 3 years.  Also saw a Northern Goshawk checking out the area one day earlier this week but I don't think it's stayed around (haven't really been looking though).  I'm on Mountain Top Rd. (off of Rose Canyon Rd.) in High Country Estates II in Herriman.


   KC Childs - (Thu, 28 Mar 2002) I know that this owl is supposedly common, but it is only my second sighting of one, so I am going to post it. The Great Horned Owl was at the Mormon Church in Vernon. It was in what looked to be a Ponderosa Pine on the Southeast side of the parking lot. He was sitting in the large nest. It is the only pine with a nest in it. Also saw plenty of Red Breasted Mergansers, and Eared Grebes at James Walter Fitzgerald WMA.


  Christian Peay - (Sun, 17 Mar 2002)  Christian Peay reported a Northern Shrike today on the Provo Airport dike.  It was on the stretch of road coming east from the southern extension.  Friday he saw some Sage Sparrows on the dike as did Leena Rogers and Sirpa & Loren Grearson on Saturday.

   KC Childs - (Sun, 10 Mar 2002) Eric Huish and I ran out on the airport dike around Utah Lake today. We saw 6 Tree Swallows fly by. Also one Hooded Merganser in the canal. Also saw some Ross's Geese out with some Snow Geese. Eric saw an American Avocet fly by as well. Looks like Spring is starting a little.

  Lara Burton - (Sat, 2 Mar 2002) I was at Utah Lake about 4 pm today.  There was a small group of about 14 Snow Geese and at least 2 Ross's Geese.  I was able to get a very good look with my scope.  There was another, perhaps a hybrid, small like the Ross' but  looked like it had the "grin" marks on the bill like the larger snow geese.  They were on the shore just west of the boat harbor.  Also, around the airport dike there are hundreds and hundreds of pintails.  Quite a sight,  especially when a Northern Harrier flew over and hundreds took to the air.