Birdnet Hotline Highlights
January 2002

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Common Redpoll  Cache Co.Utah Co. 
     Gloucous-winged Gull   Davis Co.
     Black-legged Kittiwake  Washington Co. 


Dana Green - (Fri, 18 Jan 2002)   Arnie and I went up to Mantua on Wed. We found the flock of about 3 dozen Common Redpolls in the yard on the Northeast corner of 300 West and Center St.  The easiest field mark was the undertail coverts.  I saw 2 or 3 birds with the D pattern, or no streaking at all as shown in Sibley.  The birds were feeding so ferociously it was hard to get a look at other parts, but I was able to see all views of one female.  She had a significantly smaller beak than the Common Redpolls around her and no streaking on the flanks and chest.  The streaking on the sides was thinner and sparser than on the others.  She was paler with more white on the back.  The neck and cheeks were paler and more of a wash than streaks like the common.  I am convinced there is at least one HOARY REDPOLL and perhaps 2 or 3. 

Bob Atwood - (Wed, 9 Jan 2002)  20 Common Redpolls were feeding in Mantua at 11:30 Wednesday  Main and 100 North.  A  Northern Pygmy-Owl  came to the feeder of Carl Sanders 521 North 1420 East, Logan.  This bird continues to visit here regularly usually in the afternoon. It will stay 1-2 hours giving excellent close up looks.

KC Childs - (Sat, 5 Jan 2002)  Eric Huish and I headed up to Mantua today to see the Common Redpoll. As we arrived there was a good group of birders, that had seen one repoll, but had left. Right as we arrived we were greeted by four Bohemian Waxwings at the corner of Center and Main in Mantua, they were in an apple tree, then flew across the street to what I believe was a Crab Apple?

David Wheeler - (1 Jan 2002) we pulled over at Mantua to check out some bird feeders.  But before we could do that, we noticed an interesting flock wheel into a tree with the precision of a school of sardines.  Hmm...  All right, thought we, why not give it a little closer look?  And, after fumbling through some of the possibilities--siskin, house finch... NO!  Common Redpolls!!  That elusive species we've sought for years, at last was right there in front of us!  And not one, but a flock of sixteen, including some beautiful, pink-washed males!  We first saw them at 100 N Main Street, but they seemed to fly about, frequenting white birches with catkins (which they deftly munched), especially at a house near 200 North Main (east side of street).


Joel and Kathy Beyer - (Mon, 27 Jan 2002)  This Sunday afternoon (1/27) we visited Farmington Bay WMA.  There were
several American Tree Sparrows in the scrub and trees near the restroom/parking lot.  At the south end of the west dike road, there were at least 30 Bald Eagles along the sides of the water channel south of the gate, with another 20-25 on the pond ice just east.   A gathering of several hundred gulls were flying and sitting in this same area, along with about 10 Great Blue Herons.  Quite a site!  Amongst the more common gulls were numerous Herring Gulls and one adult Glaucous Gull.

Dana Green -  (Sun, 27 Jan 2002)  Drucilla and I birded in Davis County today.  Some of our better birds were.
   Bountiful Dump:  GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL about 1:30 shown to us by Eric and KC, Glaucous Gull about 4:45
   Farmington Bay: American Tree Sparrows about 10 birds - just before you enter the gate before the bathrooms on the East side in the little trees.
   Antelope Island Causeway: 2 Surf Scoters,  2 Female Barrows Golden Eye, A weird duck that with Tony's help we decided it was a Common Golden Eye Hooded Merganser Mix.
       Also the Barn Owl was in the entrance barn and the Hooodies [Hooded Mergansers] were at Kaysville.

Julie VanMoorhem - (Tue, 22 Jan 2002)  Dana, Kent and I birded Antelope Causeway : c. goldeneye, e. grebe,
shovelers, pipits, horned larks, harrier, and Surf Scoter.  Surf scoter was on south side of causeway at the marina, where the road goes left onto the island.  Kaysville Ponds: 2 pairs of Hooded Mergansers, snipe, green-winged teal. The usual assortment.

Joel & Kathy Beyer - Today, Monday Jan. 21, the Bountiful Landfill produced American Tree Sparrows, Herring and Thayer's Gulls, and the first-winter Glaucous-winged Gull.

Ann Neville -  Went to south entrance of Farmington Bay Sunday 20 Jan.  Saw the regular Bald Eagles, Roughies, N. Harriers, Kestrels, robins, magpies, ravens, marsh wrens, ring-billed gulls (and possibly other gulls - I couldn't take time to
ID), GBH.  And in a group of ring-bills in open water - a Long-tailed Duck.

Bryan & Dennis Shirley - (Thu, 10 Jan 2002)  On their way to the airport (Bryan is going to New Zealand for a month)
Bryan & Dennis Shirley dropped by the Bountiful Landfill to check out the gulls.  The highlights were:  a 1st year GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL,  a 1st year Mew Gull (a good example -- easy to tell from the Ring-billed Gulls), and  an adult and 3 immature Thayer's Gulls.

Carol Davis - (Mon, 07 Jan 2002)  Besides getting to see the bunting on two occasions yesterday at Antelope Island, we also saw what appeared to be a Bewick's Wren.  By the time we got the scope set up, he hopped out of the tree.  We saw
and heard him again but were unable to get a correct ID.  He had a long tail and was flicking it sideways rapidly.  We found him at the second turnout as you take the road to the right around the island. There is a small parking lot there and a bunch of rocks there where the rock wrens reside in the summer.  Could this be a Bewick's wren?

Steve Coleman - (Sat, 05 Jan 2002) I got in late this afternoon and went out and spread peanut butter over the branches of my cottonwood tree. Within moments the Junco's and House Finches were having a feast. While watching I noticed a larger more gold colored bird join them. It was real cooperative and stayed for a long time I was able to watch it until it got dark then it joined the other sparrows in the bushes. He had a dark cap on his head and dark markings on his throat and white wing bars it looked like a first year Harris' Sparrow. I stopped by work so I could look at the picture on the Utah Birds on the bird net web sight and it was an exact match. I'm so excited two life birds this week Monday the Juniper Titmouse and today the Harris' Sparrow


Damian Fagan - (Tue, 15 Jan 2002)  A Northern Pygmy-Owl was observed in the Scott M. Matheson Wetlands Preserve
(Grand Co., Utah) on Sunday, Jan 13th. The bird was observed perched in a tree along the boardwalk trail right before sundown.

Damian Fagan - (Tue, 5 Jan 2002) Thirty-two Great-tailed Grackles were observed during the Moab CBC on Jan.
5th. The birds have since been sighted in a large tree just north of the Denny's on Highway 191 (Grand Co.). Also, a Merlin was observed by a feeder watcher on the CBC


Steve and Priscilla Summers - (Thu, 24 Jan 2002)  An imm. Red-shouldered Hawk was along the Minersville Hwy. across from the bowling ally in Cedar City today (Jan 24). The bird has been there since at least Tue. (Jan. 22) when a DWR employee first found it. It was then seen again yesterday by another DWR employee who confirmed it and passed along the information to us today when we went to see it.


Jim McIntyre - (Fri, 25 Jan 2002) Pink Floyd [escaped Chilean Flamingo from Tracy Aviary ~15 years ago] was playing at Saltair yesterday, at the edge of the frozen water - an amazing sight.  A couple of adult Bald Eagles were listening and watching nearby.

Joel & Kathy Beyer - Sunday, Jan. 20, Kathy and I found 4 Snowy Plovers on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake, on the mudflats on the east side of Saltair. There were 3 Least Sandpipers and several Greater Yellowlegs in the same general vicinity.  A very pink "Pink Floyd" (Chilean Flamingo escapee) was on the west side of Saltair. 


Joel & Kathy Beyer - (Sunday, Jan. 20) Further afield, a Northern Pygmy-Owl was seen in Ophir Canyon, and a Ferruginous Hawk south of Stockton.


Milton Moody - (Sun, 27 Jan 2002) A Common Redpoll showed up at my feeder this afternoon (Sunday) at about 2:30.
Of a good sized group of birders that congregated to get a look at it, only Robin Tuck got to see it.  I'll keep an eye out tomorrow and see if it comes back. [It stayed around for a couple of weeks - about 40 people got to see it.]

Harold Clayson - (Thu, 10 Jan 2002)  A Lewis's Woodpecker was seen in Salem. @Woodland Hills Drive and 9550 South (county address).  Take Spanish Fork exit from I-15 and head south on SR 89.  Green sign points to Woodland Hills Drive (east/left) at top of the hill.  Follow until you see farm machinery painted like a dragon (has Santa hat on it presently).  Look
around scrub oak and telephone poles. 

Bryan Shirley - (Tue, 8 Jan 2002) I saw a couple of Golden-crowned Kinglets at the Provo Cemetery this morning.  They were in the pines in the N.W. corner of the cemetery.  When you jump out to look at them make sure your car is in park - mine almost got away from me!

KC Childs - (Thu, 3 Jan 2002)  Headed up to Provo Canyon and Sundance today. The birds were quite active. I walked along the Provo River Parkway, and about 100 yards west of Canyon Glen Park along the parkway was a Winter Wren.


Rick Fridell - (Sat, 5 Jan 2002) This morning (01/05) at 0910, I observed an adult BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE at Ivins Reservoir, Washington County, UT.  Ivins Reservoir is on the north side of Highway 91 (old Las Vegas Highway) approximately 1-2 miles west of the Kayenta development. The unpaved turnoff is a little difficult to find, but is just before (east of) an anti-tobacco billboard.  I watched, sketched and took notes on the bird until 9:35 when I went to get my camera.  I
returned to Ivins Reservoir at 11:00 and met Steve and Priscilla Summers.